Give grouped clips a name, not just a color

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Give grouped clips a name, not just a color

Post by l-rs » Sat Apr 10, 2021 12:22 pm

I have a lot of gear, Impulse instruments and some vsts with multiple outs. I have groups for them set up and clips within them. The whole idea of groups is to save space, so it's really not that handy that a closed group cannot be named, only assigned a color

I name clips ('no kick' / one time transition / '+hihats') to help me keep track of what kind of data is in it. I am now forced to keep open groups (or just remember) to make sure I launch the right clips, even though the data.

Weirdly enough a closed group 'clip' has a rename option but it just renames the first clip contained within (doesn't show it unless you open the group!).

Not all of us use Push or work in arrangement view and it would be really trivial to make this an option.

Hope I made sense but it's HIGH on my wish list to be honest. :?
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