Automation GUI improvements

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Double Tap
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Automation GUI improvements

Post by Double Tap » Thu May 13, 2021 9:11 am

1. Repeatable 'insert shape' curves

'Insert shape' is a great idea that I hate using. Say I want to repeat a square wave every 1/8th note over a two bar clip, maybe to turn a pad into a rhythmic sound. I have to select a 1/4 length of the clip (because I need 1/8 on and 1/8 off), paint the curve from the right click, then select the curve I've just made, copy it, then click to paste at each other point in the lane. And I have to be really accurate about it.

It would be so much nicer if I could just select the whole clip and say how many times I want the curve to repeat.

2. Saving automation curves

And loading them again.

3. Linking Clip envelopes with the Track automation, or showing the Clip envelope modulation curve in the clip in arrangement view somehow.

They're both powerful tools and do similar things, but it feels like I have a choice between using one or the other, rather than trying to make them work together. If I want to make sure that, say, a saturation envelope peak coincides with a filter peak on a track, it's a fiddly exercise. (You can use Clip view to select the part of the envelope curve you're interested in, then look at the clip in arrangement view to see the section you're working on.)

4. Overlaying automation curve views

If you select two midi clips, you can now see all the notes in the Clip view. I'd like some way of doing the same thing with automation curves.

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