Ability to see what plugins are on each lane

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Ability to see what plugins are on each lane

Post by Ast3rix » Sat Dec 25, 2021 9:23 pm

There is a option tweak that allows you to do this, but there's something buggy about it. It will sometimes not reveal the plugins in the lane just a dot. Also it does not remain turned on it turns off and you have to reselect it to reveal the plugins by lane. It would be nice if this was just built into the lane. When your mixing it's hard not being able to just see everything that is active in each lane. You currently have to go to each lane to see what effects are assigned and it makes for a hard mixing session having to switch around all the time. Also if it is a max for live device it only shows that it's a max audio effect on the lane not the name of the device.
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Re: Ability to see what plugins are on each lane

Post by Josua1111 » Fri Jan 14, 2022 9:38 am

Yes, that is pretty much the only reason why our broadcast mixing studio is considering Logic Pro X instead of the Ableton Live Standard that we already have a license for ...

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Re: Ability to see what plugins are on each lane

Post by jonljacobi » Fri Jan 14, 2022 10:29 pm

Are you talking about the plug-ins appearing in slots in the mixer columns?

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Re: Ability to see what plugins are on each lane

Post by mp-133 » Mon Jan 17, 2022 2:02 am

Absolutely agree. Bitwig is years ahead on this, i tried it before and was surprised by how easy it is to use and how elegant the way of handling it was. You can open racks and all that nice stuff, so this is really that easy.

Guys from Ableton have added comping, so they are going in the direction towards live music, i hope they stick to it for longer, so those of us doing studio work can enjoy the workflow of live and be able to use 1 daw for everything. There are just 2 things left: ARA2 and devices in mixer. There are 2 threads about the latter active from last month. C'mon :wink:

You can do it your way, comping was done great, best comping experience imo. I'm sure the devices in mixer feature can also be done very elegantly. Devices tree with indent was mentioned in other thread - it comes to mind first.

When making track thinner, the slot can show just the wrench icon + on/off button. If it's the absolute thinnest - just on/off. Same approach as with track names or folder names in browser. The feature is basically already fully conceived, fits with the design language and everybody already knows how it should look and behave. The 2 or 1 button have just enough space, and there is even no need to change indents by which you change the thickness of tracks. People who don't need it - will be able to turn it off and never see it, but those who want to really mix will have a chance to do so effectively.

I hope any of it may be interesting/useful.

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