Multiband Sidechain BUS

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Multiband Sidechain BUS

Post by akaratz » Tue Feb 03, 2009 8:43 pm

So, here is my may of making a Multiband Sidechained EQ :
It consist in a
1. band splitter
2. Iternal BUS routing
3. Various traitements - High Freq Enchancer, mono the low end etc ...

a// The EQ : 48db/oct for the low & highs, 24db/oct for the mids, preventing for freq gaps on the crossover freq. A sidechain compressor with kick trigger can be used on bass/sub/lead track
b// the routing uses a free vst plugin, the SolidSoundStudio's Aux Bus Set
c// the receiver patch, with some fx, comps, eqs or so .. placed on a free audio or send track, one per band is reqired

Here are the attached presets, the things will get brighter :D ... %20Bus.rar ... ITTER_.adg ... XCITER.adg ... SS_LOW.adg ... SS_MID.adg

It's a little bit "bricollage" but it works great for me. Don't forget to set the routed chans to "Sends only" in the output routing, and fin a way to control the track vol. Ulility or FreeG helps a lot ...
Any comments and sugestions are welcome

Ableton Gurus, please make this trick real in 8 !!!

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