More DAW, less toys.

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More DAW, less toys.

Post by webslave » Sun Feb 08, 2009 7:09 pm

I'm taking a breather from trying to pull a track together. The track is a studio recording with about 30 tracks of audio and I thought I'd try to move it from Logic Pro to Ableton as I've used Ableton before Logic and found it more immediate.

I now realise why I went to Logic. As a DAW Ableton misses several key things. For example vertical zooming! I'd forgot about that. It makes handling multiple tracks tricky as you're constantly having to manually resize tracks.

I've seen others say 'Live is not a DAW - go use something else' only, as a Mac user, Live has 80% of what I want, I don't like Protools as I also want all the instrument and Midi support, Garage Band is just not up to it and Logic Pro needs a complete overhaul of it's interface and, well, logic.

The DAW requests I have I do see a lot in the features list (Comping, Grouping, Zooming and Dual Screen) so why does Ableton instead keep on adding bells and whistles?

Am I really expecting too much to add just a few features to what is a great programme rather than having to trudge through the keyboard madness of Logic? Is there some alternative I'm missing.

I live in hope of band mixing nirvana and just want a few things from Ableton - why do they forsake real musicians and appear to go out of their way for DJs and those who just like bloops and bleeps (I like them as well, just not on their own).

Am I alone here? Give me hope Ableton.

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