Multi-Screen capability!

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Multi-Screen capability!

Post by Churst » Sat Nov 07, 2009 1:39 pm

Now I'm sure multi-screen ideas have been talked of before on this forum but I'd like to propose very simple solution, and one that has probably been proposed before. I just couldn't find that thread on here.

I want, with a single button press, the program to open either the Session or Arrangement view on your second monitor. The one visible on each screen would be selected using the current system. So when you flick between Session and Arrangement on the "main" screen the second monitor will switch to the opposite view.

This would give live a much wider appeal as a truly multi functional DAW solution. With this implementation you can take full advantage of both of Lives brilliant View ports simultaneously.

1. You could be working initially in Session View to create and jam your track. Then you can open up your second screen with Arrangement View and run the session view whilst being able to visually monitor the elapsed number of bars and time.

2. Working on a large multi-track recording with 15+ channels is easiest in the Arrangement View. However quite often one track or another will spike during the recording. While you do have visual level meters at the end of each line in the Arrangement View, it is easier to quickly check levels visually in the Session View, where more channels are visible at any one time thanks to the mixer style view. With both open at once, it only requires a glance to the right rather than completely switching view modes.

I'm sure further implementations of a system like this could be thought up by the developers and the people who frequent these forums. The constant development of this software is a major factor of why I chose the whole Live package over other DAW systems.

I appreciate that some/many Live users would not find this functionality useful as they work solely on laptops; but for us using multi-screen, studio workstations to create/jam/mix this would improve the efficiency of our work-flow tremendously. Right?

For an example of a program with a similar operation going on, but not with audio, have a look at the seamless operation of Adobe Lightroom. They have buttons in the bottom left that enables and disables the view on the 1st/2nd monitor. Then the view type can be selected from one of a few possibilities.


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