Improvements and Bugs Fix...

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Improvements and Bugs Fix...

Post by SoftToy » Fri Jan 18, 2002 8:02 am

1. (improvement) Live should send MIDI sync. This will be eliminate many problems with sync.

2. (improvement) Live should send Audio and MIDI click. (similar to Cubase), with hot key for click off/on. Also it should have the possibility
to send Audio click to any audio output (by default into monitor channel) and to send MIDI click to any MIDI port, MIDI channel with any MIDI key, velocity hi and low.
Examlpe for using this feature. Start playing a composition from scratch. My drummer would like to listen to the click from Ableton Live via monitor output (headphones) and then he\'ll start playing the rhythm. Then I might record his part into Ableton Live with the right tempo and sync.

3. (bug?) After I\'ve recorded his part I\'ve experienced some problems again. The basic problem is that the end of loop point is fixed to sample end. It\'s causes going out of sync after a few cycles. The end of loop should be fixed to last Warp Marker for the precision sync in the loop.

4. (improvement) Next. After recording in the Launch Mode by default is TRIGGER, but the best for me would be TOGGLE. It would be great if I could define the Launch Mode in the setup by default (trigger, gate, toggle...)

5. (bug?) For example. My sample loop is playing. I have made the Launch Mode for my loop sample as the TOGGLE. Next thing, I\'m defining computer
keyboard key \"A\" for my loop. I\'m pressing on \"A\" key on computer keyboard, but MY LOOP DOESN\'T STOP. With MIDI keyboard everything works fine.

6. (bug?) For example. My track is 7/4 time signature. I save my work to hard disk, but when I load my work and play it I get wrong the clock divison at the Control Bar’s Transport Section. It turns to be 4/4.

7. (improvement) It would be great if I could change the original temp of my loop at the clip view area with direct print into the orig. temp area.

8. (improvement) It would be good to mark each bar of the wave by red line at the clip view area. It\'s useful when magnifying the wave for good orientation.

btw I have one question. I\'m USING QUANTIZE as BAR. For example I\'m recording a sample with length of 8 bars. To stop recording I\'m pressing on triangle into the new sample. Recording is stoped and begin playing the new sample in loop. But often I get 8+ at the end of column of a new clip. (look like 0/8+) And loop is going out of range (8 BAR). What does the PLUS mean?



Post by btester » Fri Jan 18, 2002 11:07 pm

One solution for your click problem is to make a click. Just put a loop of a click-track on a track routed to the monitor output.

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