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Sorry guys , i got an error when i tried to update the list of the previous topic
Your message contains 63537 characters. The maximum number of allowed characters is 60000.

So im making a new 1 with some "placeholder posts"
archive: old topic here

Lets make it HUGE!

- Post your request here and it will be added to the big list (if not already in)
- Keep it clean, no no-sense posts
- Please READ before posting. Many of your requests may be already in.
- Suggestions for categories or anything will be more than welcome
- If you want to post a screen-shot please keep the width at max 800px!

Added 29.10 Please dont make requests like:
-a logic like EQ
-a Cubase like reverb.
-a FL like piano roll etc.

Not everybody knows how the logic EQ, cubase reverb or FL piano roll looks like. It will be nice to request for specific things so everybody will understand what is all about.

No matter if i agree or not with a request it will be added anyway in the list (ok, as soon as it is reasonable... features like: "I want live to be able to scan for viruses" or "i want to read my emails through live" will not be added)

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GENERAL - GUI - BROWSER / Files / Management

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+++ faster / more stable / less bugs (requested by d-track)

+++ More CPU friendly in general (requested by solconnection)

+++ be the same easy and joyfull software so I continue to produce music with a such pleasant way as this. (requested by 0fps)

1. 64 Bit Native support

2. Be able to undo after "save"

3a. more shortcut possibilities (i.e. browser windows, vst instruments etc.) (requested by Alsamarkan)
3b. free choice of shortcuts... (Requested by esky)

4a. surround sound support (requested by theys)
4b. I would really like to see support for quadraphonic sound and 5.1 surround (requested by discoali)
4c. In short multichannel support (I don't need necessarily multichannel sound files, I need multichannel outputs...) (Requested by stefan-tiedje)

[I hate restrictions and I would hate a 5.1 restriction as much as i hate the limitation to stereo tracks we have at the moment. I want real multichannel support. Especially for Max4Live devices. Certain tricks I use all the time in Max/MSP for 8 or 12 speaker setups are simply impossible inside Live. Imagine a granular cloud distributed randomly to multiple speakers...]

5a. mp3 export (requested by Alsamarkan)
5b. More formats for export (Mp3, Mp4, Ogg, Flac, Alac...) (requested by Kristijonas)
5c. omf/aaf import-export (requested by 0fps)

6. the possibility to define more than one template set (requested by Alsamarkan)

7. Templates handling improvement [when open live, get a popup dialog window with 2 columns.
A list with our saved templates to the one and a list with the recently opened live sets to the other.
Then remove from "file" the "new live set", "open live set", "open recent live set" and add just a "new/open" option that will bring up the pop dialog

8. slope points for every envelope segment to alter the shape of its curve (like the absynth envelopes). (Requested by loachm)

9. Timecode (SMPTE) counter (requested by Entelekhia)

10. Time signature changes without using scenes!! This should be MIDI controllable. (Requested by mousetrapreplica)

11. support for unusual rhythms such as Quintuplets, Septuplets etc etc.... [it is annoying to have to switch to Sibelius and export to a MIDI file for usage in Ableton. In Sibelius, you choose the note length and hit CTRL + 5 to make this happen, Abes should take this on board.] (Requested by mousetrapreplica)

12. The ability to “always solo” a track so that I can keep things like my rewired soft-synth input tracks always soloed no matter what. (I like to handle all of the midi in Ableton and it’s a pain to have to solo two tracks all the time in order to hear one track from the Reason) (requested by aubford)

13. batch export of files (cubase like) (Requested by mofus)

14. Native Linux version - I am tired of screwing with Windows, and I don't use Macs (I don't mind them, just don't use them). I am thinking that a Linux version would be more efficient and allow Live to perform better than all of the baggage of Windows. I would love to just be able to load live into a laptop running Ubuntu Linux and Gnome, or something like that. Of course, you'd need to convince M-Audio to make native Linux drivers for their boxes. The upcoming Google Chrome operating system will be Linux-based, so Linux may be much more widespread in the near future. (Requested by eischeid)

15. export and import of EDL (edit decision list) file format. Other recording software that I've used in the past can export an EDL, and I would really like to be able to get some of those old projects into Live, but the prospect of manually placing 40+ wav files onto the Live timeline is not appealing. I realize that a lot of project information would be lost with just an EDL, but having it as a starting point would save me a lot of time. (Requested by eischeid)

16.a notation window (requested by doremifa)
16.b export midi file as notation (requested Xen Ochren)

17. Lock the tempo
when midi controller can change the tempo, it can happen without your noticing, especially with atmospherics.
then you may record things -> unnecessary degradation
"lock the tempo" option in Right click menu of tempo field (requested by baseinstinct)

18. sidechain everything (requested by d-track)

19. the possibillity to select more than one audio interface!!! (requested by Alsamarkan)

20. I'd love to be able to control parameters in a Rewired External Instrument (specifically one that is tied Reason since that's what I use most). Basically, I want to be able to send MIDI data from Live to Reason parameters without having to program each parameter in Reason. Think of it as a MIDI macro shell for Reason, I suppose... (requested by theys)

21. The possibility to playback a midi note from any temporal position in the note (not only from the beginning). Useful for polyphonic midi scores with overlapping notes so that we don't have to start again and again from the beginning. (requested by meudic)

22. SysEx support (requested by schpinn)

23. TRUE MONO: The option for true "mono" tracks. I can do fake mono in utility, but this does work for actual mono IRs in convolution plugins. Mono tracks on things like guitar and bass that are recorded mono would also save lots of processor power when I start piling on the plugins. (requested by jsterne)

24. Simplify reset effect to default parameters (cmd/ctrl+double click, or whatever) (requested by Kristijonas)

25. Ability to loop smaller amount than 1/4 of timeline in arrangement view. (requested by Kristijonas)

26. CAF format recording to forget about .aif's 2 GB limit (requested by Kristijonas)

27. OMF & AAF filetype support. This is must to have if you are working with video / movie industry. All the other major DAWs has this. (requested by salanimi)

28. Use metronome count-in function also in Play mode - very handy for syncing with the band. Now I have to make a separate metronome track. (requested by somejazz)

29. Please add the feature of assigning a key to the song and then when you preview an apple loop or acid loop, it syncs with the key of the song, also when dragging it in the sequencer. (requested by Kid Stretch)

<<102455: being able to assign a key to the song! (E Major, G Minor, B Flat...) Then once a key is assigned, any samples/loops you bring in that have pitches would automatically be pitched to that key.>>

30. Latency - kompensation for play-curser and automation (Requested by trickform)
[i made the experience that also at normal used cpu power the play curser and the automation curves have a latency delay its really hard to work exactly..]

31. Master - intelligent insert bypass (Requested by trickform)
[it would be outstanding if u write a plugin for the master, to control the level between effected Signal and uneffected, so that is always the same level. so u really hear if the processing of compression,eqing and so on, is still better than the unprocessed, and not just louder. i dont want to buy wavelab just because of this feauture ;-)]

32. Make templetates for new channels. (Requested by D-BOB)
example: when I create a new Audiotrack I want it to contain Filter, EQ8 and Compressor.
When I create a MIDI file. I want a Compressor, EQ8, Distortion etc etc.

33. I would like to be able to set the record quantization for individual midi tracks so that on some tracks they would apply quantization as it is recorded while other tracks would not apply any quantization. Currently I have to record my midi drums with no quantization then apply it after recording by using the edit menu, or vice versa. This doesn't work to well with performing live. (Requested by Jettrink1)

34. Give me some more DAW features please. Multiple takes - Comping - Grouping parameters (Requested by adXok)

35. ability to include text in projects please: (requested by Berzerk)
-Flip-out Note Pad for each project
-Text Tracks along timeline, the length of the project, for specific place notes and lyrics

36. Ability to save the Info View Text with each Clip as part of the saved data in the associated .asd file. (requested by oblique strategies)

While you can edit the text in the Info View window, Live does not save this text in the .asd file for the clip.

1. write some text in the Info text window.
2. save the clip.
3. drag the clip to your session from the browser.
4. the info you wrote is gone.

37. Be able to open more than one live set at a time. To do that (on a Mac) I need to use "open
-na live" in the Terminal and its painful. Also improve the sync these different live-sets, because using IAC Driver doesn't provide a perfect solution (try it you'll see what I mean, the midi clock isn't stable). (requested by Steo)

38. List of loaded plugins for quick reference. (Requested by borismor)

39. Support for windows clipboard (Requested by S-N-S)
[lets say you have modified a sample in a audio editor,now if you press ctrl+c then you should be able to paste it into ableton with ctrl+v]

40. Extractable tracks, clip groups etc. or at least copyable so there is a better way to merge parts of projects. oh and key range assign to looper. so each slice can be assigned a note for playback. check for my current workaround (Requested by oberflaechlich)

41. A timer that can be started/stopped/paused at any time during a live set. I often play sets that need to change at particular times. Currently I'm using a 3rd party app to keep track of time. It would be so much neater to be able to have this inside Live. (Requested by _Static_)

42. Native Time Code Vinyl Support (Requested by bootykowski)

43. Not sure if its been said already, but one button clip and project focus which basically takes your selection and makes it as fit horizontally in the arrange view and then another to fit your whole song in. Defiantly useful in my opinion.
kind of like the a and f button in some 3d software packages. (requested by sacredgeometry)

44. Multi-touch support for Windows 7 and an interface that lends itself to using touch. Either built into the main interface or as an alternate window.
(requested by omniphonix)

45. autosave (requested by 0fps)

46. I'd like to see offline Audio Editing/Processing in Live. (requested by AudioSmid)

[In the arrangement view (would be nice in the session view too) select a piece of audio, then rightclick for a menu where you can select offline processing.
Then you can select a plugin from the menu. The audio loops over your selection (if you click the preview button) while you edit your vst. Then click process and your audio selection is replaced with the processed audio.
(some people who use cubase might recognize this feature)
I absolutely love this feature in Cubase. Apart from Cubase only Reaper has a feature that comes close to this. It would be great if Live got this feature too. It's a real time saver.]

47. - capture last take ala logic = if you play something that you like but didn't hit record, hit a key and there it is [would probably be better in the arrange page than as a clip in clip view] (requested by sawanotsuru)

48. Id like to see some kind of SYNC button (like in Traktor pro) So if we insert a drum Sample you could click on that sync knob and it quantizes and changes the Tempo so that it plays in the right time (I really dont like this friggin Sample choppin after quantizing :x )
(requested by Crazy-S)

49. I/d like to swap the synths(Instruments) with my Controller(like in Traktor)
I mean when i change on my Controller the template to Browsermode I could choose the Instrument and change the Parameters etc(Without using the Mouse) (requested by Crazy-S)

50. Dual Mouse mode (requested by Crazy-S)
I make Music with my brother on one PC when we both play a chord on two Pianos we want to change our sounds and while I change my Sound curve he selects simultaneously another Synth for his Instrument

51. I need to be able to do batch processing of tracks. Like in photoshop you can record what you do: warp straight, set first marker, set last marker, 32 count edit, render. I wish i coud save the string of actions i made, and apply them to a bunch of tracks. (requested by greencross)

52. Can I just add batch MIDI export to this list, if someone's already said this pls ignore. Its just that this would be SO SIMPLE to implement, its just hit me how annoying having to export them one by one by one is...

Oh and a checkbox thing so you could pick which files, audio or MIDI, you wanna export, rather than just having one choice of ALL... (requested by EX)

53. liveset revert function (requested by spacecat)

54. shortcuts to preferences ie launch behavior/midi setup/zoom level at the bottom of the screen (requested by foetus666)

55. complex pro should sound better (Requested by The Phat Conductor)

56. I wish there would be a "SETLIST" feature
with which i could define a list of .als sets and assign them to program change
numbers! (Requested by Robbie Ost)

maybe even with a "preloading feature" that there would be no need to
stop audio between changes!?

57. they should make an opportunity to freeze sidechained tracks (Requested by Dead0k)

58. 2. Better Multi-processor support (Requested by Seven)
[Currently on my Win7 machine with a Phenom II X4 Live will quickly report much higher CPU usage than my system monitor and audio drops start to occur unless I change the audio buffer. When I reopen the same instruments and presets in Samplitude or Cubase I do not get audio drop outs and I can see a more even use across the cpu cores.]

59. About bug pack creation (Requested by scorb)
[bug pack creation "feature" = annoying waste of time that only serves to remind you that the software is full of bugs whilst adding yet more lost time to recovering from crashes (of which there are many) - and why can't you turn the fukka off in prefs!!!]

60. Better support for L7 sets (Requested by scorb)
[I still haven't upgraded to 8 because it can't even play back modest L7 sets without crapping out. Also stop making addons when the software still has so many issues that have been left unaddressed.]

61. plugin latency of a track/channel once a it has been frozen. (Requested by SWAN808)

[I can understand why there is still latency when a plugin is bypassed...because that plugin may be activated whilst 'live' - however - a freeze is a mix relevant operation that is not relevant live - so why is there a need to keep the latency? It is being played from an audio file anyways. When mixing with multiple instances of Acustica Audio Nebula - I would like to be able to freeze to get rid of excess CPU, RAM AND latency....but still be able to go back and edit (which is not possible when multitracking and using the flatten function)...]

62. Quantisize any parameter remote action (Requested by fx23)

63. Quick store and recall any sets of params via midi assignable/automatable buttons. (Requested by fx23)

64. Freeze tracks with routing issues and/or freeze group tracks (Requested by RD444)

65. Open multiple projects (drag & drop from one to another) (Requested by RD444)

66. SHARE (Requested by MakiSupaStar)
First, I'd love to see the Ableton/Share thing work. It would be great to work with my music partner online, in real time on the same file, in Ableton's GUI, and then have the ability to save the changes we made. I know that it was promised to be a feature of 8, but it's never worked for me. Maybe it works for other people (I am a little retarded when it comes to things like this).

67. Sound still matters (Requested by nicobi)
Minimum 64 bit FloatingPoint resolution throughout whole signal chain, better 128 bit. 32 bit FP is clearly inferior to 56 Fixed Point or higher (Analogue summing [ADT class] of course unreached sofar).

68. Audio routing templates. (Requested by c7n)
I have several Motu sound cards, and sometimes I just plug in a set of headphones to play with live as I don't feel like opening a flight case or heading to my studio and plugging in my computer to all of the gear. Making music is fun, some times you just sort of want to break out from the various routines we fall into, and just make a track because it's fun and we are in the mood...

Yet, all of a sudden I realize my default template requires 10 audio outs (4 stereo tracks setup via a matrix mixer so any of my tracks can go anywhere) and (1 stereo effect return)... so now I have to reroute a bunch of crap then I get to start whatever audio alchemy is about to ensue. Can't I just select a different "audio template" or something like that? I.E. If I'm at my studio, can't I just get certain busses and sends which automatically route a certain way? If I'm using my travel rig and I plugin to that can't it automatically know how I want that piped up to my mixer? If I just plugin a set of headphones to my laptops audio output can't it just let me tell it that's what I want ableton live to do and act accordingly?

I guess this leads me to my next one...

69. Audio Engine OFF: when any sound card becomes unplugged (intentionally or not) (Requested by c7n)

I can understand needing some sort of default behavior when an audio output is suddenly no longer available... your essentially sending information to a pipe that isn't there anymore. But does it have to disable the audio engine? It just seems like it makes recovering from unwanted silence in a live scenario, well a scary situation. As it stands I usually keep a pvdj grabber on hand and use it to constantly mix in and out various elements from various tracks throughout the set. I keep it handy because it's fun and adds a level of spontaneity... but also because the prospect of dead silence, while I'm trying to tell live that I have now plugged the cable back in. [It just seems like there could be a better method.]

To tie this together with my first one. If my firewire cable becomes unplugged, yet I have selected a firewire soundcard audio template, can't you just tell live to calm the fuck down as I'm probably going to plug the cable back in as fast as I can so the show can keep on keeping on?

70. Audio routing saved per song. (Why)? (Requested by c7n)

This sort of goes with the first one. How come my audio routing is saved with each song? Seriously, that just seems way overly coupled. I like that my plug ins have there settings saved with each song, that effects my songs sounds directly. So does my audio routing as insert or sends, parallel or serial matter a HUGE amount to the overall track. So I understand that your trying to provide an audio template which is saved with each song...

That said, anytime I open up a track which is older... I have no idea how my studios mixer, effects, etc. were wired back then. So whatever was going on that day is sort of lost in time. At this point my old tracks just sort of sit there unless I really just get curious and start wondering what the hell it sounds like if I open an old file and hit play. Usually I'm forced to figure out a bit of routing just to get it to the speakers.

I feel like a certain level of things shouldn't really matter. I.E. if I just want to skip routing schemes can't you just send everything to a user defined template such as:

Headphones Template: send master, and cue to the same thing

Live Rig Template: send audio to a matrix'ed send setup so I can send anything anywhere, send effects to a particular set of stereo outs, send cue to the headphone out.

71. More PRESETS! (Requested by the_songcabinet)
I do tweak, and sound design ect., but not all the time. I don't work a lot with my own templates, so I rely heavily on presets as a starting point when editing & mixing. I suggest maybe organize presets in genres, like pop, rock, dance ect., to help speed up the process of finding stuff.

72. improved tapping accuracy / algorithm (now you have to tap like hundred of times before it gets accurate beat) and ability to tap without project starting to play (Requested by golemus2)

73. possibility to sync with some of the portable sequencer (e.g. in nintendo DS :) (Requested by golemus2)

74. supported and integrated ClyphX type api scripting clips (Requested by friend_kami)
(+ stuff like the trackdefs script). ... thread=716


1. Zoom display - assignable keys or midi for fast zoom in/out

2. Dual Screen support (requested by re.mark)

3. mouse wheel support (requested by Alsamarkan)

4. video window is very good to have floating, for those who work on a single display it would be nice to be able to also dock it somewhere so it wouldn't be on the way all the time (like Logic) (Requested by posssu)

5. NO link between full screen piano roll and mixer window (Requested by Porcelli)

6. make the "open/close folder" command remoteable (Requested by pyrolator)

7. Although I love the simplicity in Ableton's GUI, it is beginning to feel a little dated, it would be nice if there was just a little 3d action in there (Requested by bigcohoona)

8. The return of the Page Up/Page Down keyboard shortcut for large increment/decrement. (requested by gp23)

9. Mixer view. I'm coming from a mix perspective here, and why not have a 3rd view (Mixer view) where the audio clips gets replaced with the plugins (like any other DAW). Would be ideal for serious mixing duties within Live and to have everything easily accessible visually. Pro mixing in Live can be a bit confusing when you have a lot of channels and no way of getting a overview. (I know Live is not made for this, but it could be very good. As well for people looking for a PT/Cubendo alternative.) (requested by Swedish Sam)

10. ability to doc any m4l device or any other shit like this:
where you could open it in a really big window. there is plenty of free space there, no one uses! (requested by doremifa)

11. increase the window size of the track view like you can in the clipview.
Because I am building lots of drum racks to play live on stage with lots of Pads I need to have a better working view on that. (requested by Jacob Thein)

12. Vertical scrollbar replaced with a miniature-view of the set (requested by posssu)

13. A much more flexible and powerful color-picker (requested by posssu)

14. it would be very cool to see chains as trees. any semi experienced 3ds max user knows what i'm talking about. (requested glamourboy)

15. restoring vst windows positions to the same place after re-opening a set

16. Icons to have on the tracks. This in addition to the colouring would visualise the track's content much better. (requested by Idonotlikebroccoli)

17. I would like to have both the apc and the launchpad red box in the arrange view. At least just around the track titles. It would help a lot to know where i am at, and what tracks i'm controlling. it doesn't seem like too difficult of a thing to work out. (requested by keppy)

18. colors for each note, it would be wonderful (requested by acid)

19. Track selection via rotary knob. (requested by stubba)

20. Full Unicode support for track names - clips etc ((requested by Kristijonas)

21. Hot-Swap is amazing, but it would be also great to have preset switching buttons "FW" "FF": (requested by Kristijonas)

22a.Add Maximize clip view Button & Shortcut + optimize this space, like shown in this thread (last post in page 1): viewtopic.php?f=3&t=93188 (requested by Kristijonas)

22b.The 4 panels next to the piano roll ("Clip,Launch,Sample,Envelopes"):
instead of the small buttons to open and close them, maybe they could
act like instrument racks do: 'minimizing/maximizing' when their title bar is double-clicked.

Or maybe they are collapse-able, so if the piano roll is made wider, these four panels collapse/stack. (requested by jasper)

23.detachable midi editor (requested by d-track)

24.I'd like to be able to assign image thumbnails to my plug-ins. (requested by condra)

25.Hide the Master channel. (requested by 3dot...)

26.Select the part of the grid you want to color, then right click and choose your color.
This will help for Dj sets or even with long loops. (requested by Steo)

27. When coloring tracks or a clip by clicking on it, we get a nice square popup with all the available colors!
If we try to color a clip from the "clip view" we get an ugly huge vertical line with all the colors. with the square we can see in a second the color we want to use.


28. A big detachable and floating counter also with Timecode SMPTE features (requested by Entelechia)

29. not sure if it was mentioned, but if you could make borders around the clips, something similar as is 5x8 scenes of APC, or as you can do in Excel. Indeed no need to be rectangle, but simple horizontal line which you could paint anywhere in your set to keep things organized.

Now you can give differenet colours to clips or leave 1 line blank, but bordering would be good, imo. (Requested by B-S)

30. Vertical waveform zoom - it's impossible to edit very silent places now (!!!). (Requested by Kristijonas)

31. Mono Options on export (L/R/L+R) (requested by Kristijonas)

32. apply colour labels to instruments/presets/fx in the browser - to highlight favourites (requested by deepstereo)

33. In the scene view having a small "pallet" window that shows all the clips you have in your clip view so you can brain storm your song in the clip view then have a easy way to pick and place them into your scene view. (requested by macgregoroi)

34. THOSE LEVEL METERS ARE RIDIIIICULOUSLY SMAAAAALLL !!!!! Make them BIIIIIGGER !!!! (requested by sebastienleger)


35. Vertical zoom for waveforms... (Requested by stefan-tiedje)

36. dj display options in session view (dual waves, wave + devices @ same time, etc) (Requested by The Phat Conductor)

37. Mouse over function for all parameters. (Requested by Tympanic)
[like in so many plugins (reverberate comes to mind). Hover Mouse over parameter. Use scrollwheel to manipulate parameter. Use modifiers (scroll - rapid change / scroll+shift - detailed change)]

38. More touch-screen friendly interface (Requested by condra)

39. The ability to define user buttons or add custom buttons. (Requested by CFM)

40. Full multitouch native support, with modular ui Customizable. (Requested by fx23)

41a. A more dedicated MIDI gui. (Requested by the_songcabinet)
I would prefer a third screen for midi only, like you have the session view, arrangement view, and midi view (maybe even an audio view). I love the way Pro Tools have cracked this, and it almost made me swap. Of course I didn't, Live is ages ahead, but I think more could be done for us regular daw users, in general.

41b. a window for monitoring MIDI messages (like MIDI-ox) (Requested by golemus2)

42. I would like to see multiple Arrange pages for each Session. Would make it even easier to try different arrangements, or record various live takes. (Requested by triple1)

42. possibility to make tracks and groups in arrangent (and why not session) view temporarily invisible (Requested by golemus2)

43. It would be nice to see the amount of memory process takes in the user interface... e.g. beside used CPU amount. At least now with the unstable Live this would be valuable feature, now I have to every now and then go to check to task manager that Live8.2.1.exe does not consume near 1400MB of RAM. (Requested by golemus2)

BROWSER / Files / Management

1. Browser bookmark manager with “rename bookmark” option / move up or down / color tag

2a. colored folders in the browser (requested by nuperspective)
2b. Give us a rating and keyword system for the library! (requested by tehupbeat)

3. more device browser windows for better instrument management (requested by Alsamarkan)

4. a tag-based sample manager/database like the cubase media bay or the ni kore browser. (Requested by loachm)

5. be able to choose which of Live's effects should appear in the browser. I've never used beat repeat or vinyl distortion for example, so I don't want them in my list. (Requested by Idonotlikebroccoli)

6. ---preview samples in the browser backwards... (Requested by esky)

7. better organization and presentation of devices, instruments and effects in the browser. Currently it is just a hierarchical view and all of the items look exactly the same. I cannot discern an instrument from an audio effect just based on looking at an individual item. In Live 8 suite, the browser tree has a really large number of items in it and I get sort of lost in it; takes me a few seconds to remember if I'm looking at Operator, or Analog, etc. Would be good if the major sections (e.g., Operator, Analog, Tension) were easily expandable/accessible, but the presentation was not unweidly like the current tree view. Could do something like an accordion control maybe. Just a thought. (Requested by eischeid)

8. quick preview of sounds and presets directly from the browser pane. This could be just the same few midi notes (or notes that the user defines) that are played for each preset or instrument. I find myself having to add and remove 20 or so operator presets to and from a track just so I can hear what the preset sounds like; takes a lot of time. Would be nice for me to be able to do this directly and quickly in the browser pane. (Requested by eischeid)

9. ability to flag my favorite presets, instruments, and devices in the browser pane and then later filter the browser pane to show only my favorites. I might only ever use 20% of all of the items in the browser pane; would be nice to be able to hide the others if I want to. (Requested by eischeid)

10. When browser is in focus, allow computer keyboard input to facilitate typing the first few letters of a device/patch/whatever name to jump to that item. This is a basic function even in Windows. As suggested by Soma here: (requested by gp23)

11. I often just browse samples/loops through the browser and press 'enter' on anything I like. Then I end up with a long list of tracks all with 1 clip on them. I'd rather just have them on the same track and regularly end up moving them individually. This would be a real timesaver. (requested by alexaaz)

12. Be able to autopreview samples [for example to be able to open a big folder with many samples, set global quant. lets say to 1 bar , set continue-play "on" and click at the first sample. now i can listen all the samples of a folder and have my hands free ]

13a. Project Bucjup options (requested by crumhorn)
-only need to backup new and modified files.
-can always go back to earlier versions of the project or individual files.
-uses compressed format - saves on disk space.
13b. song backup ala logic = an extra folder in project folder with backups of previous saves (requested by sawanotsuru)

14. Change text size in Browser. Some kind of Settings like: Chose text size - small, mid, large. It's very good for people (like me) who have "broken" eyes. (requested by melman)

15. The ability to create a "Preset folder" from the right click menu in the Device Browser. (requested by Muzak)
For more info, check this forum thread: ... 31&start=0

16. Tag-based search engine! (i.e. bpm, key, style, etc.) (requested by cheparukhin)

17. open rex files like a folder to import single slices (requested by 11olsen)

18. ability to save convoluted racks (rack in rack) as a slicing preset! (requested by 11olsen

19. ability to save a track (or more) into an other .als directrly from the browser. (requested by IP)

20a. Separate "Plugin favorites" tab, especially for AU/VST, (think about Max devices too! :) ) something like this: (requested by Kristijonas)

20b. A favorite folder where I can put anything I want in. Like my favorite synth(vst's and ableton instruments) Like a "shourtcut" folder to anything. (requested by D-BOB)


21. groove droppable over the sample browser, so that you could audition samples with imposed groove. (requested by baseinstinct)

22. Half Tempo and Double Tempo in sample browser (requested by baseinstinct)

23. sample browser out routable to any track (requested by baseinstinct)

24. Hot Swap should not require enter when you cursor up and down.. (requested by baseinstinct)

25. return tracks draggable from browser.. (requested by 3dot...)

26. Preview Tab in the Browser should allow you to position the playhead with un-warped clips the way it does for warped clips. (requested by oblique strategies)

27. When adding a set from the browser, load the midi and keyboard settings with it. Duplicate can be sort out with the disable midi on track/group. (requested by Steo)

28. A live device/plugin menu popup to the devices area (right click). 3 main categories for audio/midi devices/instruments and for plugin categories: custom folder = category. Some people short the plugins by company or type etc. if i make 3 custom folders there will be 3 categories, if 2 , 2 etc.


29. ability to add more browser windows / seperate browser for instruments and effects (requested by spacecat)

30. project preview! (requested by sawanotsuru)
[when you click on a project file in the browser, hows about having a little preview box underneath, like you do with sound files? maybe live could render a piece of the tune (maybe the middle, or most densely populated section, or even the whole thing with a visual wave for navigation) and play you back a low res snippet to remind you of what the tune is. i know i'm not the only one out there with a hundred randomly named unfinished projects. maybe live could render this when the song gets closed?]

31. Ability to specify type/kind of file you are looking for, while doing a search in Browser (device,preset,group-rack,audio, MIDI etc). (requested by 0fps)

32. Faster response times for browsing midi clips once latin percussion is loaded. (requested by foetus666)

33. midi control for the browser (Requested by condra)

34. Faster search engine and faster clip analyzer. (Requested by Malthelm)

35. One location for analysis files, for samples that are not in a project folder, please. Now external sample library is full of .asd files... (Requested by Kristijonas)

36. support for more than one VST folder (Requested by golemus2)

37. I DJ with live, yet I pick and choose songs to play out in Itunes with playlists. (Requested by tomh)

It would be awesome to be able to access those playlists easily via lives browser section. I have to create the playlist in itunes then drag all of those songs to a separate folder then, I am able to access it from lives browser which can be a pain!

39. A Project Template file format (Requested by dnbhallifax)
Import / Save channel strips - Yes you can browse a project and import any track by clicking on it, but you Can't import return and master tracks - at least the ability to import returns and masters.

40. Global preferences templates... (Requested by chapelier fou)
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Post by IP » Tue Jan 12, 2010 12:25 pm


1. Retro record (requested by dna598)

2. Make the track title bar colors to less intrusive: currently you have to watch out that you won't color a title bar to the same color that the selected track or a freeze track. When a track is assigned a color, one shouldn't be able to mix it with the native colors of Live. In ProTools the track color is neatly at the side (requested by posssu)

3. multiple time signatures. not as we have now, but multiple time signatures per track, not globally. (requested by friend_kami)

4. multiple tempos per track (requested by friend_kami)

5. an allover sidechaining function is very important. plugins like waves new vocal rider don/t work correctly without it. therefore we need post fader insert points on each track. this would give us a lot of possibilities... (requested by Alsamarkan)

6. Go to Previous ("visited") Track, Go to Next track as in pdf readers :)
If you have been on track 3 drums then clicked master track, then went to track 25 vocal and then 50 synth lead
it will be of great use to be able to to get back the track whose number you may already not remember, but which contains drums you have just been working on (here: Alt+Left 4 times), then straight to vocal (Alt+right 2 times) etc.

A wonderful function to be used with a midi controller or a shortcut (Alt+Left/right in pdf readers) (requested by baseinstinct)

7. MUTE SENDS: a small button to mute and unmute each send on a channel (there's actually room inside the knob on the interface). Very useful for dubby mixing moves like sending a single snare hit to a delay. (requested by jsterne)

8. Set Track's output to One of the BUSSES. The way it is right now you can set a Bus' INPUT to one of the other tracks.
Can you give me a reason for this? The reason there are Busses is so that a producer can route more than one track into one Bus, see? (requested by jasper)

9. Send/Receive midi on multiple midi channels. (no midi filtering to channel 1)
Currently everything gets filtered to midi channel 1 internally. Some plugins (like Guru) work with midi cc's on several channels at once to get access to all parameters and controls. There's no smart workaround to get it working properly at the moment. (Requested by Swedish Sam)

10. Aux/Send - Routing options in the channel (Requested by trickform)
[would be nice, if i could choose PRE/POST in the Channel and not at last in the Return. like on a real console. otherwise i have still to double the return to make different routings. = / i know it is maybe a big difference to the ableton-standard but i think it would be a really good one. ;-)]

11. disable track - if I mute a safety/duplicate track with speaker on/off automation, the track won't stay off (Requested by FlightPlan)

12.There's a bit mess with a channel kinds in mixer. For instance: when creating a new midi channel, one may put in it a waveform and the channel automatically changes into midi channel, unfortunatelly there's no way to change an audio channel into midi that way. Also there's no problem with reordering the midi/audio channels but, all the return channels are just stuck in the order they are created. This should be changed. In general it would be great if:

+ there was no channel "specialization" in the first place - channels just become midi/audio/return regarding on what one puts inside;
+ there was a possibility to create internal return channels for each channel group;
+ as mentioned before: nested channel grouping was enabled (channel groups in another channel group)
+ as mentioned before: channel group freezing
+ tempos: afair there is still a problem with a time signature numerator. Not a long time ago I've tried to put something like 6/5 and live just ignored that. It is just a pain in the ass when one wants to work on polyrhythmic patterns. (Requested by vitalispopoff)

13. vca faders grouping (requested by 0fps)


1. Groove Pool -> Automapable Groove Parameters for all params - random, quantize, timing etc (requested by solconnection)

2. be able to drag multiple grooves into the groove pool (requested by alexaaz)

3. I miss global groove. I now have to assign the groove I want to every new created clip. (requested by Idonotlikebroccoli)


1. okay, so you know how you feed audio from all your tracks into another "master" track and call that the dummy track in order to make dummy clips that automate the effect rack on your newly made "master" channel.. How about you group the channels.. say your 8 audio tracks you use for mixing.. Then you can drop dummy clips ONTO the clip slots in the actual grouped tracks..


The only problem I could see is they'd be launched with the scene that they are corresponding to, so maybe they wouldn't trigger until they are manual triggered, or just put them on different scenes.. (requested by outershpongolia)

2. Grouping for the "group" tracks (requested by DDF)

3. Groups showing inside sets in the file browser so you can drag groups between projects. (requested by alexaaz)

4. Freeze complete group-track (even if there's internal routing within the track going on!) (requested by posssu)

5. group track data should have basic editing (requested by nuperspective)

6. The ability to have grouped tracks act like return tracks and not actually move the tracks to within the group - so all my mix faders can be down one end of a session for ease of paging etc, while clip slots can all stay in the other of the session. It would mean my launchpad could be more easily arranged for performance. (requested by stubba)

7. being able to right click on a group slot section on a folded group track to bring up a select all content option so that you can drag all enclosed clips down to another scene" - ofcourse it would help here to be able to name the group slot so you know what you re moving
you can select all clips when the group is unfolded - why not when it is folded? (requested by buzby)

8. on the group track in session view would be great to have the number of clips contained in the group and not just one colored box: similarly to the arrangement view but vertical (standing next to each other). (Requested by Jabbon)

9. possibility of switching groups and all sub tracks on off without freezing, and effectively improve CPU time. a button on the right corner of the group track would do it. (Requested by Jabbon)

10. Group Return Tracks. (requested by oblique strategies)


1. Breakpoint snap to grid (or breakpoint quantization) (requested by Electromorphic)

2. "Grouping of lines of automation"
On mine very actual function, especially if in the project is a lot of "automation lines" for effects... (requested by DDF)

3. custom add extra automation line for the same parameter.
[i may have drawn an 8 bar complex automation going on and then i need to do an over all fade out but without to lose the movement of the first automation. a solution is to make the first as a clip automation and the second to arragment or the first to arragement and the second to a utility/empty effect rack but this is .... *&%*@%)^%]

4. a battery of predefined automation lanes would be helpful. drag - drop - humanize! (requested by Alsamarkan)

5. Currently clip envelopes interact with session automation by multiplying the current control value by a percentage. There should be more modes which could include any or all of the following:

Multiply - this is how it currently works
Add (and Subtract) - The clip envelope value is added to (or subtracted from) the control value and then clipped if necessary
Max (and Min) - Use either the control value or the envelope value depending on which is greater (or lesser).
Average - Use the average of the control value and the envelope value.
Replace - Ignore the control value and just use the envelope value. (requested by crumhorn)

6. have the possibility to choose the curve of automation and to add some groove (or random) (requested meudic)

7. Scaling/Stretching of automation: it would be great to have tools that could stretch (like Stretch Notes in MIDI clips now) as well as scale, which I envision as the same sort of functionality but in the vertical dimension.(requested by theys)

8. Dropdowns for standard curves (especially if there's no Bezier adjustment). (requested by theys)

9. Clean function for drawn automation to make it easier to manipulate.(requested by theys)

10. Flatten automation when consolidating. (Requested by Illiac)

11. NO DOUBLE CLICK to add an automation point. Single click will be way more work-flow friendly

12. automation modes (touch, latch etc) (requested by 0fps)

13. live makes unnecessary breakpoints when drawing automation (Requested by The Phat Conductor)

14. OVERDUB or global record does not erase controller lanes (Requested by RD444)
[I'd like to play MIDI notes and keep control info(OVERDUB or global record does not erase controller lanes)
play some notes - great
Jam the filter - record controller info
play some more notes in overdub - erases the controller info

sometime i jam extra notes into an arrangement. i'd like to do it without overwriting all the lanes of controller info. or sometimes i like what the FX are doing, but i want ot try out a few more ideas. new ideas jammed on the keyboard overwrite all controller lanes

A way to lock controller lanes so global record does not override controller lanes
a lock button near the other lock button
an option in preferences.
a lane specific lock for controllers

15. correction of automation timing issues (with high latency automation will be out of sync and happen later than you see in the curve), and better latency compensation when using sends / return channels. (Requested by golemus2)
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Post by IP » Tue Jan 12, 2010 12:26 pm


1a. Record Automation to session view (or else ... record clip automation)
1b. For me nb1 priority remains autom to session with ability to choose wich is master/relative, additive/muliply/overlay/override if change modes. (Requested by fx23)

2. consolidate in session view (requested by ashtonron)

3. Allow scenes to select any group of clips you want, not just their horizontal counter-parts. Have a follow on feature that allows all the scenes clips selected on the fly to be 1 color. (Requested by bigcohoona)

4. The ability to select and move a row of audio clips in session view by holding COMMAND and having them go into a column, as happens when dragging from the browser. (requested by alexaaz)

5. As far as i know, currently launching clips below other clips can only be done with one midi mapped button by mapping each empty clip box to a controller, or by using the launch scene arrow down button. I would love a midi mappable "launch next/previous clip in channel" button! Although APC40 type controllers wouldn't need this. (requested Xen Ochren)

6a. Improved session view automation. The 50% up/down thing in session view is annoying and time consuming. (requested by Idonotlikebroccoli)

6b. -Better automation in envelopes. I'll present an example to show you the problem. Right now if I wanted to edit the dry/wet knob for a vst reverb on an instrument, I'd open up the envelope for it on a clip and see that it's marked at 100%. But that does not mean 100% wet, that means the full value of whatever you currently have the knob set to, which might be something more along the lines of 20% (in the actual vst reverb itself). This becomes a problem because it's not only confusing, but it does not allow us to turn the reverb UP in an envelope clip, only DOWN. Currently the solution is to set your dry/wet knob to 100% and then edit every clip you have to the proper percentage. This is a waste of time. Instead, ALL CLIP ENVELOPES SHOULD ASSUME 100% AS THE MAX FOR ALL PARAMETERS! (requested by Todd OMG)

7. when recording from session to arrangement, it would be helpful for me if there were made locators in arrangement when a new scene is launched (requested by Idonotlikebroccoli)

8. Add an option to the clip launch properties to "Not Launch on Scene Launch".

This way you can have extra clips loaded your in scenes, but they won't trigger when you launch the scene, only when you manually launch that clip..
Lots of times I duplicate scenes to make another one with a tiny variation (new clip).. This way those extra clips can be sitting in their right scene, but they won't get set off by a scene launch, only by launching the clip.. If you wanted to launch the full scene maybe you'd launch it and launch the clip that wouldn't be included at the same time?
Had a small discussion about this here: ... 2#p1035042 (requested by outershpongolia)

9. Fade - Button also in the Session view (Requested by trickform)
[why the single fade button in the sample section doesn't exist in the session view. i produce my songs all the time just in this view. the clip view i only use for LIVE. so please give me this helpful button also in this view. ;-)]

10a. Each scene should be able to store and recall all mixer settings available in session view. These scene changes could then be recorded into the arrangement view. This type of thing can be done to individual clips within scenes, but not to mixer settings over the entire track. (Requested by Jettrink1)

10b. + friend_kami: this, + templates upon inserting tracks so you can for example insert a new track and select "drumbus" template and a track containing the devices you have saved as "drumbus" template will appear. make it an option so it doesnt ask for a template track unless you want it too though heh.

11. A feature to turn off scene launch to both free up more space and make mistakes less often when using touch controllers (lemur/ipad) or the novation/akai products would be awesome for DJing. (Requested by qthegaijin)


1. Follow button to stay active constantly once pressed. Not to turn off when playback is stopped. (requested by re.mark)

2. Midi Mappable Transport position (requested by re.mark)

3. ctrl/command + A in Arrange View should select the grouped Clips as well, right now it doesn`t, i have to open the group to select those clips (Requested by magestro)

4. Browsing clips in arrangement view! So you wouldn't wave to switch between modes all the time. It would be nice to have something like drop down menu for clips at every track. (requested by rosti)

5. When I double-press stop in order to make the insert marker go back to the beginning, Ableton doesn’t allow me to due numerous keyboard-shortcut commands like zoom in/out, select the loop, and others. I would prefer if these actions could be performed regardless of what else is happening in the sequencer. (requested by aubford)

6. in the arrangement view, allow me to place a clip on the timeline by specifying hh:mm:ss:frame, or by specifying an absolute offset in number of samples. Seems like the only way to do this currently is snapping to the grid or dragging the clip along the timeline with the mouse. Sometimes I know the exact offset value I need, but that is difficult to get using the mouse. (Requested by eischeid)

7. Multiple Arrangements! There could be a little pull down box and clicking on it allows you to 'add another arrangement' and label it. Then you can switch easily between arrangements by just clicking on this pull-down box and selecting whichever arrangement. (requested by alexaaz)

8. it would be incredible to have an extra effect lane under each track in the arrangement view... so it would be possible to put all kind of effects into strictly self defined song parts (stro, ref, bridge etc.). this would be a whole new level to work with the arrangement window. i know, you can disable effects through automation, but that is not as efficient, clear and handy as it could be with the mentioned method. mixing and automating would be much more fun. more flexibility, more creativity. (requested by Alsamarkan)

9. a true "double clip" function, mostly like "duplicate" but after this action the clip should have double length. E.g. make a one bar clip, double it three times to create an 8-bar clip, make some changes in the last bar, done. (requested bykloosterj)

10. have a take menu on each track ie the possibility to have access to multiple recording versions for each track (requested meudic)

11. Ability to select multiple blocks, not only the time range in Arrangement view. "Reset" envelope values to default by double clicking it.(requested by Kristijonas)

12. ability to move the arrangement overview cursor with keyboard shortcut or arrow keys - moving it with the mouse often resizes the view by mistake (file under "anything to click with mouse can be key-mapped", but an easy sub-implementation) (Requested by FlightPlan)

13. would like to select clips in arrangement view with 'from cursor to end' - that way I can select even clips beyond current visibility, and know that I've moving everything in the whole track (Requested by FlightPlan)

14. would love to move a selection of clips in arr view with the mouse-wheel - would push or pull the whole group of clips according to the quantize value (Requested by FlightPlan)

15. when I nudge the start marker out of the screen view with arrow keys, the frame should follow the marker automatically if the ctrl-F follow indicator is activated. (Requested by FlightPlan)

16. Highlight a section of your song in the arrange window, right click it, and select bounce to audio. A new audio track is created with a render of selected material in the same position of the arrangement. It would be great if it could span multiple tracks, and perfectly adequate if it could only do one at a time. This would be much better than having to freeze the entire track, and the flatten it, and much quicker then setting up a recording. (requested by Electromorphic)

17. Snap to blocks in Arrangement View. Also, snap to Locator.(Requested by Kristijonas)

18. Track height on a shortcut key to toggle small medium large fold (requested by foetus666)

19. seperate track channel in arragment view / like in cubase or logic (requested by wehkah)

20. COMPING feature for both audio and midi! I work a lot in arrangement mode (yes, guilty of using Live as a regular daw, also), and this is the way to record bass, guitar, vocals ect. Could save a LOT of mouse work! (Requested by the_songcabinet)


1. Improve "fades"
except "clip fades" please make real fades [to be able to fade for as many bars we want and to be able to apply to any automation line we want. (vol/pan/device automation etc)] (and .. not sure about that ..move the existing clipfades inside the clips (like clip automation) and add the real fades to the place that clipfades are now)

2. applying crossfades to multiple selected tracks (currently only one at the time) (requested by posssu)

3. an additional handle to all the crossfades so that you can move the whole crossfade as it is to another position horizontally, without altering the fade curve and the length of the fade (requested by posssu)

4. a real-time crossfade option between clips in the same track. For instance, you could set a crossfade time, and if a clip was playing on that track, then you triggered another clip in the track, it would fade between the first clip and the second over the crossfade time. I'm aware you can sort of do this with clip envelopes in two different tracks, but it would be much easier and more conducive to the Live workflow to be able to do it in one track. (requested by UnUnUnium)

5. Xfade-parameter to clips so that if you loop within a clip, you can adjust the amount of the xfade between the end and the start - just like in Sampler. Would help you make smoother loops. (posssu)

6. Change clip volume by dragging top of "Fade" curve (requested by Kristijonas)

7. Ability to adjust crossfade lengths for looping clips. If I have some kind of drone running in the background during a live set, I have to carefully prepare the file so that looping will be smooth. It would be great to set the loop start and end points somewhere in the file, and then use whatever is outside the loop for an end-to-start crossfade of user-definable length. -> No more worries about bumpy drones! (Requested by _Static_)


1. Show time ruler to clips

2a. Be able to add markers inside the clips / also to be able to color them and name them (useful for DJing for adding short notes for change actions etc.)

2b. Pre-named/re-nameable markers that exist above the clip waveform display. (requested by 1D)
- Example "Intro" "Verse" "Chorus" "Bridge" "Outro" "User1" "User2"
- Drag them from above clip display onto the waveform
- Assignable to midi (ie: easily jump to chorus)
- Absolute yet dynamic assignment to the track the clip is currently in (ie: jump to chorus for active clip on track 1)
- Are savable within .alc and sample analysis file

3. Editing multiple midi clips at once

4. colored warp markers (requested by nuperspective)

5. Multiple Cue Points (requested by re.mark)

6a. the "length" and "position" er "buttons" on the clip data panel should be mappable. (requested by nuperspective)

6b. a "zoom out full" mappable button on the same panel. would be very useful with long waveforms [saves having to grab the mouse] (requested by nuperspective)

7. Slice Auditioning [think recycle] (requested by dna598)

8. Scrub for unwarped clips (requested by theys)

9. Loop/brace control for unwarped clips (requested by theys)

10. Transpose to Midi clips (requested by dna598)

11. "Record Clip into New Track" and "Record Clip into New Track with Automation" [right-click menu] (requested by theys)

12. normalize function for audio clips (requested by Alsamarkan)

13.a Follow action triggered at end point marker (requested by Fieldmedic)
[Follow Actions are currently limited to being activated after a certain count. As stemming full length tracks in Ableton Live has become popular to effectively provide cue points in said tracks, it would be great to have the Follow Action command activate at a clips end point. this would allow two uses that I have foreseen:

A loop could be placed and moved at will within a clip and be looped indefinitely, and the follow action would not activate until the loop was turned off and the remainder of the clip played out. Currently, if a Follow action is set to model the length of a clip from start point to end point, looping a section of the clip for a period of time would cause the follow action to activate before the clip finished. when stemming tracks to resemble cue points, this would cause a section of a track to be skipped over, and break the original flow of the track.

the second is for use as loop fills. for example, two 1 bar loops can be made; one to loop extensively, and the other to be used as a fill. With the fill clip placed on legato mode and quantization reduced as low as "none," one could add the fill at any time in the count, it would play out and then follow action back to the loop track without losing time. with the current follow action capabilities, when the fill clip is triggered, it is required to play for an entire count before activating the action prescribed, effectively losing or altering the beat of the music.]

13.b (requested oblique strategies) Here are some additional refinements:
I would like to see a time variant added. For example:
End of clip + an empty field where a time can be entered:
- End of clip + 1 minute
- End of clip + 30 seconds, etc.

This time field could be represented as 00:00:00 for hours, minutes, seconds.
Then there could be some time before the follow action is executed.

annihilator.1 added this one:
"play named clip on end , so i can program jumps between groups of clips."
This would work for playing any clips you want in any order, in addition to the possible semi-randomization of applying Follow Action parameters over the chosen named clips.

13.c (Requested by sporkles) Slightly overlapping with "Clips 13", but it definitely expands on the idea (let's call it a "Scene hot loop")

I really want some easily accessible way of looping on the fly primarily in Session view, but this could - and should -
be implemented in Arrangement too:

Let's say you have your clips set up with Follow Actions to play next clip after X bars/beats: first of all, you want to be able to jump to the
next clip when the current one reaches its end marker - that's a no-brainer. Then, you'd want to set a provisional loop,
which would be adjustable with mappable controls; effectively you'd have a hot key / midi button which would start looping
all currently playing clips at a predetermined loop size (pressing the button again would deactivate the loop, and return to
whatever Follow Actions you've got going. You would of course be able to launch other clips while the loop is running, which
would override the loop on a per track basis.

Ultra quick mock-up:

14. "bounce me" creates a new audio track with the selected clip as an audio clip the audio rendered should be Post Fx and include any side chaining that is active. [This is a bit like freeze but without having to drag audio clips and unfreeze afterwards..] (Requested by ashtonron)

15. Being able to write info on warp/transient markers, such as syllables when warping vocals. (requested by Idonotlikebroccoli)

16. Automatical coloring and naming of clips. If I have a yellow track called "bass", I'd like all the clips created on this track to be yellow and called "bass". (requested by Idonotlikebroccoli)

17. being able to set the timecode offset to any possible value (could be hours away from 1.1.1) (requested by posssu)

18. being able to have the waveform-area of a clip IN ARRANGEMENT VIEW with colored background - not just the title bar as currently (Arrangement view). Check out how ProTools does this - you can alter amount of the color in the waveform-background from 0 to 100 (requested by posssu)

19. warp markers to midi editor, allowing flexible "stretching" of midi data for example to metronome tempo while preserving performance characteristics (explanation, doesn't need to be included in the actual wish above: I know midi doesn't need to be warped, so hold your comments. But midi data needs to be stretched sometimes, for example a piano performance. It can be totally out of metronome tempo and currently you can't make it fit this tempo in an easy way. There is stretch notes, but this is "destructive" and doesn't stretch the data that is in the CC-channel (for example hold pedal) (requested by posssu)

20. Waveforms to be partially colored. [To be able to save a different color over choice parts in a waveform be it chorus, breakdown, drum loop or w/e for quick glance identification. possible mappable to keys, or drag-able to session view box!] (Requested by gRave Robber)

21. The Transient envelope in the sample section of the clip view needs to be MIDI controllable. (Requested by mousetrapreplica)

22. Colored waveforms - pitch preview (Requested by rutgermuller)


23. be albe to colorize my automation curves and/or tracks (not just he clips,the entire tracks, including the trackbackground). ever tried having some 50 automation points open at once on a track? its like asking for a heartattack and neurological meltdown at once. red lines with dots all over the place, and everything looks exactly the same. completely incoherent. (requested by friend_kami)

24. would be cool if we could multi-color clips so half a clip is one color and the other half is another. (requested by Loopscious)

25. Hide clips button (Requested by Porcelli)

26. Single midi screen for multiple tracks of midi (Requested by bigcohoona)

27. If recordable session automation is included, PLEASE do not throw out the relative modulation system, and maintain ability to record new MIDI into clips already containing envelopes without overwriting them. (requested by gp23)

28. Better Automation - Start at 0% and gain to 100% rather than starting at 100% and subtracting to 0% (requested by Electromorphic)

29. Playback Range: In Cubase an Audio recording can start before the Part starts, and you set some sort anchor. Most DAW's have problems with this. In music the sounds often start before the exact start of a bar (they are played a little ahead in time) - this is natural for grooves. Music is not Lego, at least some styles.

So I want to record audio (and midi) tape machine style, and then convert the recordings into clips, but considering that some of the recording was done slightly before beat 1. This means I define a clip, but I would also define the boundaries of the playback based on how much ahead the music is played. It means we have to set the clip border to beat 1 to 4, but the played back audio starts before and ends before. To be able to loop, the size of the loop is still 4 beats. (requested by MarkyGoldstein)

30. The ability to label group 'clips', if you can't think of a way perhaps define a clip within a group that is used as the name for the group? (requested by alexaaz)

31. "All the clips use the selected track color" -option. When track color is changed, clips change with it. (requested by posssu)

32. multiple cue points - essential for DJ'ing (requested by doremifa)

33.Better workflow for moving clips composed in the session view to arrangement. Pressing a QWERTY key or button would add the clip and move the cursor to the end of the clip in the arrangement. (requested by Soma)

34.It would be helpful for DJ users to be able to open up a song, ensure the warp-markers are sync'ed properly, and then have some kind of razor-cut tool to create a series of Clips that automatically have their Launch configurations set to "Next" and their Follow / Loop values set to the length of each segments cut. This would make it easier / faster to drag new songs on and audio track and split it up into our favorite samples / loops. Then it could be saved as a Live Clip Group set, as we can do now by drag-and-dropping them in our library. (requested ColdChamber)

35.The ability to have some clips in your set "Select on Launch" and other clips NOT "Select on Launch" (requested outershpongolia)

36.CHOOSABLE ANCHOR POINTS FOR ALL MIDI AND AUDIO CLIPS! This is so you can line up reversed samples against other instruments without having to zoom into sample level! What a waste of time! (requested by Todd OMG)

37. Master Clips for group tracks [With this function you could set loop lengths for multiple clips at once on the group slot] (requested by dna598)

38. Easy ability to fire off clips that come in on something other than 1 - IE pickup notes. (requested by stubba)

39. Easy and fast ways for saving clips. Right click to an audio/midi clip and save pre or post (requested by swoonboy)

40. The ability to make ghost (linked) copies of clips, so when you make a change to the original, all linked copies get changed also (both in arrangement and in session view) (requested by schpinn)

41. Ability to view clip content when parameter is "Unlinked" - it's hard to draw curves without seeing clip's content!! (requested by Kristijonas)

42. "Copy/Paste ALL Envelopes" at the same time from one clip to another. (requested by jasper)

43. Ability to enter bpm and time sig. in clip names, not just scenes. (Requested by Illiac)

44. Slice to impulse. (Requested by Illiac)

45.the possibility to cut an rearange the samples in the clip view i think there is more precision to do that instead in the arrangment window. And a key combination for the quantization of the arrangment and clip view instead of using the mouse to do 1 bar 2 bar 1,2 etc etc wit + and -. (Requested by Dj Minus)

46. FX per clip (Requested by Dj adXok)

47. Follow Actions at end of clip. (requested by oblique strategies)
Preferably with an empty field where time can be entered. Then there could be some time before the follow action is executed.
For example:
- End + 1 minute
- End + 30 seconds
This time field could also be represented as 00:00:00 for hours, minutes, seconds.

48. More support for un-warped clips: extend more of the features that work with warped clips to un-warped clips.
*** Clip Envelopes should work with un-warped clips. ***
(requested by oblique strategies)

(requested by oblique strategies)

50. an ability to go upwards in 'follow actions' (requested by 3dot...)

51. It would be good to have a way to keep text-based info with each clip. (requested by oblique strategies)

52. Videoclips should be able to play in session view like they do in arrangement view. (Requested by deHaan)

53. Predefine the length of the clips (audio or MIDI) BEFORE you record them with a MIDI controller (Requested by Paladino)

If you want to have hands free while recording clips in Session View, you can't, because you need to hit the "record clip" button TWICE (using the mouse or dedicated controller like the APC). You need to hit the clip record button one time to start recording and a SECOND TIME to stop recording, so the clip start looping itself, which is very difficult while recording using BOTH hands.

If we had an option to select how many bars the loop should have BEFORE we start recording (like the "Global Quantization" option), and we could control how many bars it should have (like "None, 1, 2, 4 and 8 bars ) by a MIDI controller.
The option "None" would maintain the flexibility of Session View, and you could whenever you want, predefine the lenght of the clip (audior or MIDI) BEFORE you record them, so you would hit the clip just ONE TIME, and get a perfect (1,2,4 or 8 bars) loop...
This is a really necessary workflow improvement IMHO

I've made a topic about it, and it has two pictures to explain it in more details

54. envelopes on unwarped clips (Requested by The Phat Conductor)

55. rev option when selecting more than 1 loop (Requested by Monchai)

56. when editing a clip in clip view, let the play marker follow the timeline for all clips. If i edit a clip in bar 3, start the rest of the clips in bar 3!(Requested by jkung)

56. A "continue playing" follow action. Similar to "no action", except I want the follow actions to keep being retried after the next follow action period ("no action" ignores the follow actions until you launch the clip again). "Play again" and legato mode don't quite do what I want. (Requested by adamj)

57. Tie Clips in Arrangement - Select clips on a track and pull them together (requested by Jan Holm)

58. Export clips as individual files through plugins on the track/master (requested by Jan Holm)
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MIDI GENERAL (key/midi mappings/controllers etc)

1. I want to be able to go into midi-assign-mode and then edit the assignments. Change the midi-channel for example for a bunch of those. Without having to reassign each one by clicking etc. (requested by pepezabala)

2. Maybe it's weird, but I'd like to have the ability to use MIDI mapping for internal MIDI signals (now you have to use Midi Yoke, etc. for such purposes, but there are latency issues, also they don't work when exporting (rendering) the project). For exaple, I can control the launching and transposition of a MIDI clip by another MIDI clip. (requested by cheparukhin)

3a. free customization of standard remote mapping of devices grrr (requested by 11olsen)
3b.Better user script implementation (requested by Jarvisimon)
I have written up the user script file for my controller, which has greatly simplified its integration within Live, however, my controller has knobs, sliders and buttons, so I would really like to be able to reflect its layout in the instrument/effect//drum racks, which as we all know, only show us 8 macros.

Also, as I click individual effects etc, my controller is automatically put in control of the effects parameters (the blue hand), however, they're not often the parameters i'd like to control, so, I would like it if it were possible to map these myself.

Further to this, I would like to add a sequencer lane for controllers, so if I were to use more than one controller, I could sequence which controller controlled which rack throughout the duration of a Live performance.

If you (the ableton coders) give this a few moments thought, i'm sure you could implement something very powerful and easy to use.

Of course this wouldn't be such a necessity were all manufacturers to submit a controller template with each of their new products, however, this isn't the case.

I'm glad of the User Script as they are but there's definitely room for improvement.

4. Anything can be clicked with a mouse to be midi/qwerty mappable. (requested by friend_kami)

-By msintros: Assign MIDI control to clip detune parameter

5. a Global Key would be nice, which would enable Global transposition. It can be done quickly enough with the MIDI Pitch effect, but this way would be much quicker. (Requested by mousetrapreplica)

6. be able to personalize the keyboard shortcuts!! (requested by aubford)

7. More than 6 Slots for the Control Surfaces. (Requested by eatriwave )

8. Complete NOVATION AUTOMAP support, including mixer mode (requested by doremifa)

9. save/load midi and keyboard mapping layouts like presets from Live browser (requested by doremifa)

10. Imrove midi clock sync

11. Allow multiple midi commands to be assigned to the same on-screen element. (requested by Johnny Vulcan)

12. Direct midi selection of crossfader assign, rather than switching through A/B/Off. (requested by Johnny Vulcan)

13. improved MIDI sync in Master => Slave scenario. (Requested by B-S)

14.would love a keyboard shortcut to move the start marker to the head of the selected clip (Cubase equivalent - ctrl L) (Requested by FlightPlan)

15.Ability to change instrument presets on Ableton instruments via program change messages. At the very least, program change should be mappable to chain select. (Requested by chase)

16. Live currently records MIDI "as heard" from the instrument rather than "as played". This has been mentioned in other threads and has been confirmed by Ableton staff. This means that if you're like me, and play in time regardless of any latency, then the recorded MIDI is delayed. The access virus TI instruments even have a "LIVE" button that compensates for this (I'm sure "Live" is a reference to ableton).

Please make an option to choose between recording MIDI "as heard" like live currently does, and to record MIDI "as played" which is how every other DAW on the planet does it. Let us decide which way we want to work. (Requested by timeline85)

17. Please give us the option to remove the filters live has in place for MIDI events such as sysex and polyAT. It would be awesome if LIVE would actually implement and support ALL MIDI data, but if for some reason that isn't possible then please let us still route this data through live. As it currently stands, if my keyboard controller supports PolyAT and I want to route it out of a MIDI port or into Max4Live, I cannot do this within Live as Live will filter it out. (Requested by timeline85)

18. There's not enough midi support for abe's instruments regarding sound banks.
Currently every midi track comes with a "Bank", "Sub-bank" and "Program" information (Clip View>Notes), althought these work with external instruments only, while should with each abe's intrument as well.

And yeah: sidechain everything, but imo that should regard to the MIDI devices too.

Now a few words on why:
It is still very hard to make a good mixdown. One may of course render each track for it separately and after opening a new project put all the stuff together, and try to make it sound fine, but at least in my case, this ends with continous jumpin' from one project to another just to make some small changes in a track that doesn't fit at the momment. This becomes anoying when there are like 20 tracks and three or more of them play together in the mixdown.
I wish I could just open a mixdown project, import all that tracks as an opened sessions (each imported track becomes let say a channel group with its own return channels and internal routing) and work on it as a one extremely long track.

**And one more extremely cool feature: clips for the return tracks. The clips that include preset settings + automation/looping (just like a ordinary midi clips) (Requested by vitalispopoff)

19. multi midi ch support for the 'remote' layer.. (requested by 3dot...)

20. Ability to assign keyboard shortcuts to opening loaded VST instruments. (Requested by borismor)
[For example: ctrl-alt-K, opens kontakt. ctrl-alt-M, opens Massive]

21. NRPN (Non registered parameter number) and better midi (Requested by CFM)

22. A thing I would really love to see, would be the ability to make expressions. (like in after effects) ([example: knob1.Value = knob2.Value*2] or [if (condition){ result1 }else{ result2 }]) I haven't seen or heard of a DAW that does this. (requested by RoundHouse)

23. in the MIDI Map mode, provide additional mapping options: a "toggle/hold" setting for switch assignments, and critically, a nonlinear "tension curve" function for knobs and faders to bias the output value. This would allow me to implement my own crossfaders wherever in the chain i like, without the loss of power in the middle which occurs when I do this with linear 0%->100% and 100%->0% mappings. (requested by spazdor)

24. total recall midi background recording, ideas will be never lost (requested by wehkah)

25. Abiltity to disable the ableton auto midi control (sorry can't remember name!)on a plug by plug basis. (how it maps the knobs automatically to the ableton plug in focus)
(requested by foetus666)

26. V basic but...please standardize the Mac Cmd/W keyboard command so that it closes the selected window, as opposed to quitting the app. as at present, this would be great for closing plugin windows. (requested by muthafunka)

27. No midi thinning for sudden parameter changes. (Requested by Tympanic)
[when i map my keyboard onto a continouus parameter (like cutoff) i WANT to record the sudden changes. I HATE it that ableton wont recognize that i use the keyboard for parameter modulation and thins out my modulations.]

28.Metronome – on midi note (Requested by CFM)

29.For Dj and preformance purposes more midi control ie the Option to switch to and from browser via a midi control and also load the Higlighted track in to the selected sessions view slot ,and small midi Transport for cue Monitoring. (Requested by jace_(nz))

30.A global sound/MIDI-triggered envelope thats assignable to any parameter! (Requested by RoundHouse)

31.Be able to invert polarity for controllers controlling ON/OFF things (like fx bypass or track on/off ). (Requested by lalo)
this can be useful if you need to turn on one thing and off another at the same time using the same controller ( MIDI or key )

32.CONTROLLER COMBOS (Requested by lalo)
( key + key, key + midi, midi + midi )

i.e. pressing A + B on the computer keyboard does something, A + C something different
the same with Midi
CC1 + CC2 does something, CC1 + CC3 something different

even MIDI and keyboard combos
i.e. CC1 + "A" and CC1 + "B" control different things

33.Poly Pressure MIDI messages (Requested by filterit)

34.midi control of show/hide plugin window Requested by rdevries)


1. typing values to a point and min/max values for selected points

2. Draw Chords

3. Note groups (be able to select/copy/cut/delete/move/color them)

4. Legato mode (requested by dna598)

5. Possibility to get background color of every other beat/bar slightly darker for better visual feedback on drum programming etc. (requested by rosti)

6. a keyboard shortcut to override the trimmer MIDI tool. This tool gets in the way when trying to select and move small midi notes and forces the user to do a lot of unncessary zooming. (requested by aubford)

7. 'Reverse notes' button in MIDI editor Notes box. This should work on selected notes rather than the entire clip. (requested by gp23)

8. Basic midi note ops, such as transpose, reverse. (requested by jasper)

9. Rubber-banding a selection of notes: (requested by jasper)
"Suppose you have a midi loop and the notes in the loop span two octaves(or more). Currently in the piano roll you are looking at only one octave in height.

You cannot drag a rubber-band selection beyond the visible borders of the piano roll. It's a problem because if there are any notes sitting out of view, there is no way to rubber-band all of them.

You must size the window small enough to see all the notes, and that's the only way to select. In many cases this means scaling the view extremely tiny, and also making the window itself huge.

In most other DAW's (even non musical apps), as you are rubber-banding a selection, you can
continue past the visible area of the window, and the window will scroll to allow you to select objects that were out of view. (this one brings about the occassional 'sheesh i hate that' sentiment while working)."

10. Reverse selected Midi data and also flip from top to bottom (Requested by jace_(nz))

11. Availabilty to rename Pitch/drum lines in Midi editor and save as Preset (Requested by jace_(nz))

AUDIO EDITOR/Audio clips specific

1. autocrop samples. parameters: threshold, min length. (requested by 789lwnm2)

2. pencil tool can draw in the waveforms to iron out clicks.. (requested by 789lwnm2)

3. Envelope Editing = when I Revert the audio of the clip, each edited envelope within the clip should be reverted too_ really a must have for workflow. (requested by Hermanus)


1.draw tool should be turned on/off with one key only.
(like "alt" turns the grid off there could be an other key for draw tool.)

press+hold "d" = enables drawtool when the mouse is (pointing) in the envelope window
release "d" = back to normal

2.An easy way to be able to draw envelopes with a single click.
it could be something like the previous example..

press+hold "s" = enables the single click draw.
release "s" = back to normal

3. Be able to select multiple not in order break points

you cant move lets say "a" & "c" the same time
maybe ..

press+hold "a" = enables you to choose different points (or ranges) with the mouse (like in midi editor)
release "a" = you can move anything you previously selected

4. If we select 1 point and move it up/down we are able to see its value
If we select more points and try to move them we dont have any feedback

it could show the minimum and maximum values of the selected points and to be changing them when moving.

ex. (35/500)
or at least to show the value of the point i clicked, for move all the selected

5. Be able to draw envelope curves (requested by nuperspective)
Addition: triangle, square, sine, fades in/out/up/down
**** by loachm
I imagine this feature something like this:
1. right-click to choose your curve type from a context menu.
2. going with your mouse pointer to the point from which you'd like the automation to start and then left-click
3. moving your mouse up (or down) while the left mouse-button is still pressed for increasing (decreasing) the length of the automation
4. additionally pressing ctrl and moving the mouse up (or down) will increase (decrease) the amplitude of the curve
5. pressing alt and moving your mouse left/right will move your automation to the left/right
6. releasing the mouse-button will finally draw in the curve
(- of course the curve will snap to the chosen note grid. if the grid is switched off the curve won't snap to any measurement and can be designed freely)

6. typing values to a point and min/max values for selected points

7. An option to rotate envelops horizontal or vertical. (requested by livingroom-studio)

8. Envelope templates (requested by ashtonron)

9. a "Stretch Points" feature (automation) much like the "Stretch Notes" feature for MIDI clips (requested by theys)

10. Ability to invert Envelopes (requested by Kristijonas)

11. ability to turn an effect/device on and off in the envelope options. (Requested by slurm)
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1. when a live pack is installed, I don't know where it puts all of the files (samples, devices). It doesn't seem to be a 1 to 1 association between a live pack and an item in the device browser hierarchy. So, when I install a Live Pack and want to use its samples, devices, or projects, I don't immediately know where to look. (requested by eischeid)

2. a way to explore the details of what is in a Live Pack. From what I understand, a Live Pack can contain a wide variety of file types, so it would be nice to be able to 'peek' inside of a pack *before* I decide to install it, and even get those same details later, after it is installed. (requested by eischeid)

3. possibility to create live packs with a installer like 3rd party packs (requested by wehkah)

4. create seperate folders for files(samples) and presets if i import a akai media or install a live pack (requested by wehkah)


1a. For external Plugins live gui/ small knobs "analog like" instead of sliders


1b. even better to be able with right click to select if it is a fader, slider, knob or a button (toggle - onoff)
Originally requested by theys, Fieldmedic and friend_kami for macros/racks

2. better handling for multi-timbral vsti's. (requested by loachm)
[It's stupid to set up three tracks, if you want to use a multi-timbral instrument on two tracks. You have to use one midi track containing the instrument, another midi track for the second midi channel and another audio track for the output of the second midi channel. If I'd want to use all possible channel of an 8 part multi-timbral instrument I'd have to use 15 tracks in total (31 for a 16 part multi-timbral instrument). That's very annoying, not to mention that freezing doesn't work with multi-timbral instruments. An option would be using just one instance per channel, but I don't want clutter up my ram with an unnecessary amount of instruments - I could freeze them, but this still uses up more resources than it has to.]

3. PULLDOWN MENUS FOR PRESETS INSIDE PLUGINS: A better preset browser, integrated into each plugin's interface (Digital Performer's works well this way). Right now, plugs with a lot of presets and submenus are a PITA to scroll through on the left window. Also, if I tweak from one preset and then click on another, it turns off the audition button and automatically adds a new instance, when really I'm just messing around with presets. Making the audition button stickier (ie, it's on until you turn it off) would speed up my workflow when auditioning presets. (requested by jsterne)

4. better AU organization in OS X version. Group at least by instruments and effects by brand. Other hosts offer this, pretty basic. It gets pretty cluttered as it is, now. (Requested by KrisM)

5.PLEASE more vst folder in preferences!!! Ablet to use vsts from different partition etc... (Requested by

6.i really wish i could close opened plugin windows by selecting it and pressing "command+w" in live 9 or earlier like it's made in logic studio. it would save loads of time! (requested by kavabanga)

7. general. Ability to use external plugins (AU/VST) in ReWire slave mode for easier porting into ProTools, Logic, etc... for final mixing. That would also be a nice way to use AU and VST inside ProTools with Live as a wrapper. (requested by sounddesignandbrands)

8. add a "configure" button on the top of the AU/VST wrapper. Its horrable workflow having to search for that button anytime you want to make a quick assignment. (Requested by Tympanic)

9. naming of Banks - the user should be able to give names for the banks. (Requested by Tympanic)

10. Dummy Parameter for the "configure" function with parameter-assignments - to generate meaningful seperations between banks (like 5 controls for filter bank 1 / 6 controls for lof/s bank 2 and so on...) (Requested by Tympanic)

11a. Smoother COMPATIBILITY with third party plug-ins. (Requested by the_songcabinet)

I use a LOT of third party plugs. IK Multimedia, East West, Izotope, NI, Spectrasonics ect. ect. And it seems to me there are some issues from time to time.

I like the new parter instruments programme, and can find stuff there that I like, but I wish there were more "go-to" (or "bread and butter") options for musicians who's not always on the edge of sound design, but need sublime high quality vsti's that's sample based. Then I would LOVE it! (Requested by the_songcabinet)

11b. better compability for plugins, especially keyboard search function and program change message routing (Requested by golemus2)

12. VST 3.0 support (Requested by golemus2)


1. optional timecode display in video window (requested by posssu)

2. Option to to show view video position at sample block end (when dragging) - now Live shows the view for the beginning. Think about "sweeping - in" or "rising" effects - it would be much easier to synchronize with video. (requested by Kristijonas)

RACKS (all)

1. Controllable amount of macros (from 0, to as many as you want) being stuck at 8 is frustrating, especially if your trying to build some modular crazy drum machine or sequencer or something. (requested by solconnection)

2a. "switchboard" Macro control for all the Racks, but particularly for Instrument and Effect Racks. Something along the line of the buttons on the Combinator in Reason that could then be mapped to toggle whatever you want in the Rack. I mean, I've got all these buttons, so I should use them, right? (requested by theys)

2b. +1!! I see a lot of racks built where knobs are used as switches. A right click option "Knob or button" would be a killer option! (requested by Fieldmedic)

2c. also faders (requested by friend_kami)

3. seamless overtake of values while mapping a parameter to a macro [the macro knob should take over the value of the knob to be mapped seamlessly] (Requested by Tympanic)

4. automap function for racked instruments, in a way that each parameter that is clicked with the mouse is softmapped to the next free macro dial! (Requested by Tympanic)

5. access to content of racks through the Live API. (Requested by julienb)

6. Copy to siblings for macro assignments. (Requested by Illiac)

7. micro improvement: "tab on rename" support for chains. [When renaming a chain and hit "tab" it will let you rename the next chain. like renaming tracks work]

8. more banks of macros ..alternitivly.. ability to map outer macros to inner devices.. ( devices in racks withing racks) (requested by 3dot...)

9. sidechaining macrcontrols in racks. this way you could assign a macrocontrol to any parameter (ex: filter of a synth) and sidechain it, and if you want to go nuts you assign macrocontrol to various parameters and make some far out sidechain effects (requested by leoelzein)

10. A more advanced Macro system where you have a envelope for the macro knob its self. For instance, just like clip envelope you will have a spline on a graf that represents the perimeter over the course of you turning the knob. Using this system. it is possible to have a perimeter jump to a even setting to glide to the next setting or appear to accelerate to or decelerate. It will also be possible to have a perimeter both raise and lower wile the knob is only being twisted in one direction. (requested by macgregoroi)

11. macro curves (Requested by The Phat Conductor)

12. global macros + macro matrix (to enable things like midi lfo, + milti channel macro automation) (Requested by The Phat Conductor)

13. it also would be great when i could filter out certain values when i set the range for a macro control.(Requested by stoersignal)
for example: i map the synced lfo rate from operator to one macro and i set the range from 1/32 to 2, but i also don`t want 1/3, 1/6.

14. it would be great if you can store the midi assignments for an instrument rack, or also load the assignments into another project.(Requested by stoersignal)
this would be a great time saver for me, and for many others too (i think)!!!!



1. improved GUI for analog (requested by nuperspective)

2. A triangle waveform (requested by knur_wesoly)

3. Changing noise oscillator to a third waveform oscillator (requested by knur_wesoly)

4. Copy to siblings for operator and analoge synths on envelope parameters (Like on drum racks - speed up work flow)
(requested by foetus666)


Drum Rack

1. Drum Rack FX Bounce/flatten. It would be great to just press a button and quickly "bounce" or flatten an individual drum pad with all it's active VST's and FX. Great for sculpting sounds and to free up resources when you work with samples. (requested by Swedish Sam)

2. Let me expand the drum rack somewhat like the spectrum so i can see more cells. (requested by 2000down)

3. 2nd Let me color each cell and have that color also be shown on the actual channel.
I've very tactile and visual with person when it comes to my drums...control is everything. (requested by 2000down)

4. Currently, drum racks have 'choke groups'. I would like to have 'choke targets' as well, similar to MPC's, so that a pad hit can mute another specific pad.(requested by clockwatcher)

5. Ability to select 'Copy to Siblings' in the Choke Group menu, to change all pads to the same Choke Group. (requested by clockwatcher)

6. Ability to midi assign the "little square" that dictates what pads are seen/playable, and the ability to choose how many rows it jumps when clicked + dragged, or midi messaged (without needing a modifier key, currently alt in windows). It currently only moves in 3-row increments. Further, when midi assigning the square, I would like the option to assign 'square moves up' and 'square moves down' to 2 buttons, rather than a knob/encoder. (requested by clockwatcher)

7. Ability to midi/key assign the 'Auto' 'A' button, and/or make the 'A' button always visible without having to click the 'chain button'. (requested by clockwatcher)

8. drum-rack dissolve function/ weightloss - one-touch command would automatically 'extract chains' for only the drum samples that are being used. That way my 'collect and save' would only contain the drum samples used in the song - important when using big pre-loaded drum racks (Requested by FlightPlan)

9. note quantization for drum rack drum pads (Requested by abletonnile)

10. A better drum rack
I use Drum racks in my live set. I build up beats from scratch. I wish drum dracks had more of the functionality of an MPC, Such as being able to hold an erase button and a pad to delete the pattern for that sound. I'd also like it if once I had created my beat i could flip it in to mute/solo mode ala MPC. This would mean i could use the pads to mute or solo the patterns on each each sound.(requested by martin808)

11. copy/paste for drumracks cells (requested by wehkah)

12. purge unused sounds (Requested by greenscreens)
[this would work well for those of us who have large drum rack libraries, there may be 100+ sounds but we only use 5-8 of them, the ability to purge the unused sounds in a project would make the loading time much easier and have your live sets running much smoother.
how many of you have to wait for all of these samples and buffers to finish loading before you can get to work on your projects??
of course if there were a function for just selecting all of the drum cells the way you can select a bunch of clips would make it pretty easy to delete, but for now you have to delete one by one! its madness!]

13. to have the possibility to route different sounds to different outputs of your audiocard. (Requested by wang inc.)
[It can be made 2 ways:
Or just giving the possibility to select the external output or to give a sends only choice, then using the sends to route the sounds in your external audiocard.

Hope it's clear.
It would be a great improovement for external mixing and for live performances that involve external mixers saving alot of space on the arrangement and session view (now I have to make different tracks for K, HH, S etc.)]

14. (Requested by kidtronic) One last one: last night's problem. An external Nemo sequencer was sending in a midi stream of notes to a drum rack.
I wanted to quickly link the incoming hits from 4 tracks to four sounds from the drumrack.

It was not as easy as I thought it should be. I needed a pianoroll display of incoming midi stream and pulldown assign options with the sounds in the drumrack. Something faster than hunting around that grid in the rack or making notes on paper what is what at each end so I can match them. I was suprised at how fiddly it was in practise to integrate, very un ableton in its slowness.


External Instrument

1. for the "external instrument" module, having some knobs, and buttons for controlling, by midi, the external instrument or fx.(requested by swoonboy)


1. Reverse button for fast reverse

2. add drag-and-drop support for dragging samples with their respective configuration from one cell to another in impulse!!! (Requested by Tympanic)

3. Dragging Multiple sounds (up to 8 if Impulse remains the same) onto Impulse slots. [like drum racks] (requested by alexaaz)

4. right click add copy/paste/cut/delete cells

Instrument Rack

1. Sends to Instrument Racks [like drumracks] (requested by theys)

2. When renaming a chain with "tab" to jump and rename the next chain (like when renaming tracks)


1. It would be nice to have better precision when dragging on a live.numbox of type float (ie have access to the Modulation Range ?) For instance, I would like to increment with 1 a live.numbox starting from 0 with range 0 10000 by dragging on it (pressing command key doesn't give enough precision) (requested meudic)

2. dragging files to the live.drop object straight from ableton would be nice rather than having to use only files through the filebrowser. (requested by astroschnautzer)

3. REAL and big spacious window for max for live patches (requested by julienb)
I don't talk about the editor mode (that already can provide a fullscreen window) but in runtime mode (=playing mode) (discussed there: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=133179)

4. have access to automations from m4l (create, edit, filter, save, import etc...) (requested meudic)

5. Macros access from m4l, or alternatively at least 32 controls per Macro. (Requested by Jabbon)

6. switch undo mode on/off for live.object. (Requested by Jabbon)

7. better timing performance in regards to synced m4l patches. (Requested by Jabbon)

8. Support for multiple MIDI channels through one MIDI track. Many of my max patches use more than one MIDI channel, to use them in Max for Live I have to use a master max patch with send and receive objects, which are not very reliable. (Requested by timeline85)

9. Something that would help with #1, let us access MIDI ports directly from within Max for Live. Let me control the object from within Live, but let the object access the ports directly so I can do things like generate PolyAT and multi-channel MIDI data. (Requested by timeline85)

10. better m4l integration (sysex handling etc.etc.etc.) (requested by 3dot...)

11. Official maintenanced documented api with Generic osc support, not m4l only layer. (Requested by fx23)


1. I would love to see 6 operators +32 algorithms. Like the DX7/TX802/TX816 (Requested by Hermanus)

2. Multiple LFOs assignable to various (any) oscillator parameter. (Requested by aVus)

3. Freely drawable oscillator envelope (not just the "ADSR" thing) to be able to create long evolving patterns. (Requested by aVus)

4. right-click function to "copy envelope to ALL OTHER oscillators", not just one-by-one. (Requested by aVus)
note: there is a "copy oscillator to all others" feature but this will copy everything. (waveform - envelope - velo-key etc etc)


1. No "global setting" for reverse & snap to zero. What if we need to reverse or snap only one sound of the zone?

2. sampler to include time stretch (requested by nuperspective)

3. Better performance [ridiculous resource hog for older machines] (requested by theys)

4. There needs to be the ability to control fade ins and outs at the beginning and ending of samples in “sampler” and “simpler” (not just when using the loop funtion) so I can mitigate popping issues when the sample start point is getting into the loud parts of the sample. (requested by aubford)

5. batch sample converting for sampler

6. Groups for samples in Sampler,with Round Robin ef., and Start on key (requested by DDF)

7. algorithm improvements - Ability to transpose sample by complex and complex pro algorithm rather than by pitch alone. (ie sample plays for same length of time but the pitch changes, granular pitch shifting rather than time based pitch shifting) (requested by Electromorphic)

8. Previewing samples in context (when the music plays). My personal No.1 priority. Just click on the sample swap button and browse through your library to hear samples previewing instantly through your track fx and sampler/simpler settings. (like filter, mods etc)
At the moment you have to "load" every sample, and it gets frustrating when you got 10000+ snares, and you want to hear it in the track with fx and filters active. Just a way of easily flick through samples more effective. (requested by Swedish Sam)

9. Round Robin. Just a way of alternating samples like hihats and shakers when you work on the same pad. (requested by Swedish Sam)

10. more mapable parameters in sampler (at least sample start, loop start, loop end) (requested by 11olsen)

11. copy/paste zones from one sampler to an other!! (Requested by Eloheim)

What I always end up doing is sketching my percussion (sometimes in detail) using impulse since it is so easy to see how each sound relates to the other sounds temporally. it's a very convenient drum machine. Then I re-make the patterns all separately in sampler, as sampler gives me more fine-tuning options. Moving the patterns from impulse into sampler can be a pain though, and the transfer is sometimes frustrating.
Would be cool if sampler/impulse were one and the same. Opened it up and there was a place to drop one sample, but you could press a little "+" button at the top and it would add another place to drop a new sample (maybe right next to it, like a rack). Then you could sketch out a beat really quickly, and then also do the fine tuning and still be able to move the patterns around easily relative to the other percussive patterns. Then, when you wanted to separate each sample into different tracks (to apply separate effects/drop separate devices) there ought to just be a button that says "Make into a new track" or something like that, which detaches that sample from the others and puts it into its own column to be manipulated further.
This would streamline the process a little more for me, save me some hassle, and would make Live/Sampler the ultimate drum machine/sampler by far.
Even better, if in the new, beastly Sampler there was room for one sample like it is now, but there was also one little empty box to the right of it that looked just like one of the little boxes in Impulse that you drag your samples into. When you dragged a sample into the little empty box, it would spawn a new, full sized sampler window with the dragged sample loaded. (this would save time, screw having to press a "+" button and THEN dragging your sample in). Each of the sampler boxes would now have empty little impulse boxes next to them, whichever blank box I drag my new sample into designates which sample the new sample will appear adjacent to. That way I can have a bunch of drum samples loaded up into the "sample rack" or whatever, and if I want to add a new kick drum sample (for example) I don't have to default add it to the end of the string of samples (maybe way out next to my high hats), I can drag it into the little empty impulse box that is on my first kick drum sample, and it will spawn a new sampler looking thing adjacent to the first kick drum sampler looking thing.
Within these new "sample racks" you'd be able to minimize each sample, since you don't always need to see all the parameters at once. they would minimize within the sample rack and it would look just like impulse again! an (endless) amount of little impulse boxes with play buttons on them, all the way across, but if you double click on the header of one, it becomes a full on sampler interface. you'd be able to turn samples on/off just like turning devices on/off, and of course be able to solo as well.
You might have to include the ability to make a sample pitchable (like sampler's piano roll) or keep it anchored to it's original pitch (like in impulse) and you'd have to be able to do this to each sample added. This interface would be interesting, as you might have to incorporate a piano roll into the steady, one-line impulse note drawer, or maybe it wouldnt have to be that complex, it might be a simpler pitching method and could look like the velocity lines or something. you could always transpose the sample in the sampler-like interface, but this would require copies of the same sample, all set to different pitches, if you wanted, for example, a sequence of toms that got consecutively higher pitched.
a person would likely not be making melodies or basslines in the same instrument (Beast Sampler) as their drum beat, so it wouldn't necesarily have to be a fully integrated piano roll/impulse hybrid. You could have a rudimentary pitch-editing interface and it would still greatly improve what impulse can do already. (requested by hwelsh)

12. Please, add .nkm (Kontakt multi) import support, as well as nki and other formats batch import. I can't figure why these are not yet implemented, right now importing whole kontakt collections into live's Sampler is a PITA. (requested by alvarog)

13. Snap the end of a sample to the beat grid: (requested by aVus)
[suppose you have a noise sample of a snare that is 1 second long. you reverse it and want to add it to your drums track (midi or audio) just before next snare hit (you know, that sssssshhhhhhBAM-effect), so the loudest part of the reversed sample exactly ends just before the next “normal” snare hits. currently, you have to figure out how long 1 second is in bars, and enter the trigger at the right spot in the midi editor, so the sample’s end meets with the next snare hit. there should be however a function where Live can compute itself when it has to trigger the sample in order to match the next beat (or something similar), i.e. “snap the end of a sample to the grid”...]

14. micro improvement: "tab on rename" support for sample layer list. [When renaming a sample layer and hit "tab" it will let you rename the next sample layer. like renaming tracks work]

15. When renaming a sample layer.... with "tab" to jump and rename the next layer (like when renaming tracks)

16.warp samples in samp/simpler (requested by spacecat)

17.timestretch in the sampler (Requested by The Phat Conductor) more squeaky filters on the sampler (they squeak and do strange things when modulated quickly (Requested by The Phat Conductor)

19.automation parameter available for sample start and end points and loop potition in sampler (Requested by jace_(nz))

20. Sampler – for format imports. (Requested by CFM)

21. Auto pitch detection in Sampler (Requested by RD444)

22. MOVE sampler key zones key into the effect area - instead of opening a tab above the instrument The fact that when i want to edit the key zones in a sampler instrument it creates a 'window' above the sampler - therefore greatly shrinking the time arrangement view drives me nuts! It would make much more sense to have the key zones show up to the right of the sampler, in the effects area.(Requested by dnbhallifax)


1. Reverse button for fast reverse

2. Stretch (like impulse)

3. There needs to be the ability to control fade ins and outs at the beginning and ending of samples in “sampler” and “simpler” (not just when using the loop funtion) so I can mitigate popping issues when the sample start point is getting into the loud parts of the sample. (requested by aubford)

4. algorithm improvements - Ability to transpose sample by complex and complex pro algorithm rather than by pitch alone. (ie sample plays for same length of time but the pitch changes, granular pitch shifting rather than time based pitch shifting) (requested by Electromorphic)

5. Previewing samples in context (when the music plays). My personal No.1 priority. Just click on the sample swap button and browse through your library to hear samples previewing instantly through your track fx and sampler/simpler settings. (like filter, mods etc)
At the moment you have to "load" every sample, and it gets frustrating when you got 10000+ snares, and you want to hear it in the track with fx and filters active. Just a way of easily flick through samples more effective. (requested by Swedish Sam)

6. Round Robin. Just a way of alternating samples like hihats and shakers when you work on the same pad. (requested by Swedish Sam)

7. a way to assign THESE ARROWS to a couple midi controller knobs: (Requested by hiphopdontstop)

So simple, but why haven't Ableton done this yet?

I use Simpler a LOT (almost exclusively) for sample editing and drum rack use (I do a lot of hip hop, as my name indicates). I hate moving these start/end arrows with a MOUSE. God, it drives me nuts.

Maschine has implemented this feature in their "sampling" function... start/end points are easily edited by turning two of its rotary encoders. And, you can also zoom in/out of the waveform using another encoder.

This needs to be midi-mapped in Live. Bigtime. Better yet, both of those start/end arrows should be able to be macro'd as well as midi-mapped (I guess they're one and the same, but I haven't fully went that deep with macros yet).

How hard would this be to do, seriously?!

And yes, I know the loop start/end locations can be mapped, but why not the true start/end points? Most hip hop producers chop samples using the MAIN start/end points, and not loop points, because we don't want to loop a chop... we just want to cue it in a certain rhythm using our pad controllers. These main start/end points also have fine-tuning precision, unlike the loop start/end points that can be mapped... they jump/snap even without snap enabled.

8.warp samples in samp/simpler (requested by spacecat)

9.give me a basic sample editor in simpler. I record in session view and totally need this. (Requested by jkung)

10.granularity in simpler (variation) in addition to wave clips in audio tracks (Requested by golemus2)




1. HQ Mode as standard setting (requested by Alsamarkan)

2. Sidechaining In some of the other Effects like grain delay, Resonator and reverb and and any other suitable devices (Requested by jace_(nz))

Audio Effect Rack

1. be able to send a channel to specific chain inside a rack, like you can do with midi racks and midi tracks ,or audio to midi with a midi audio throughput. (requested by friend_kami)

Auto Filter

1. Auto-filter with the ability to morph between filter types (like in sampler) (Requested by RD444)

Auto Pan

1. Envelope for the Autopanner!!!(just like autofilter)...and throw in a sidechain while your at it please. Or make everything sidechainable and LFO modulate-able like with Max/MSP (Requested by errorspending)

Beat Repeat

1. When setting interval longer than 1 beat in Beat Repeater offset should be able to set to higher values than 15/16. (requested by knur_wesoly)

2. It would be nice to have a "reverse" button reversing the repeated slice. (Requested by deHaan)

3. My request: A button to change the way beat repeat works for drum racks, in which the device is triggered when the sample is triggered, instead of based on once per bar/half bar/quarter note, etc. Either that or have the ability for a midi note to trigger the device when it is on a midi track. This would allow for a lot more direct control over how you want each sample to sound... basically more creative control without having to resample stuff all day. Also, instead of having the gate and stuff based on time divisions, you should be able to move it around freely, in much the same way the beginning and end of a sample can be in simpler/sampler. (requested by upbeat27)

4. The Beat Repeat is lack of pitch transpose up, right now is only able to transpose down and a multiband compressor would be nice (not just the multiband Dynamic) something with attack, release and ratio etc.. for each band. and don't forget the pitch correction/adjustment FX. Thanks (Requested by Monchai)



1. Mid/Side compression (requested by knur_wesoly)


1. Better performance [ridiculous resource hog for older machines] (requested by theys)

Dynamic Tube

EQ Eight

1. Set slopes @ cut-offs (12/24/38)

2a. Integrated spectrum with on/off button (requested by IP)


2b. a spectrum read/match feature for the EQ to copy frequency spectrums also to the first page (requested by loachm)

3. Better EQ algorithm (requested by dna598)

4a. minus values for "Scale" [this will invert all values +=- & -=+] (Requested by IP)
4b. match eq on eq 8 - for example, if you plotted an eq scale for boosting on a track then you can invert the exact scale and place the eq on a different track where you need to cut frequencies to make the 2 tracks sit together well. (Requested by buzby)

5. Make the EQ frequency settings stay the same in relation to one another even if you turn them all up to 20Khz and back down again with a MIDI controller. You will be able to make the EQ Eight into a workable filter sweep effect for DJing by assigning each frequency to the same midi controller, you can use that to sweep all of them at once. Right now it does not work in this way because they all get smashed together when you sweep them all and some of the individual filters hit 20Khz (requested by aubford)

6. Linear Phase Mode! (Requested by 789lwnm2)

7. Maximizing EQ's 8 window like in Spectrum for better control. (Requested by knur_wesoly)

8. eq matching (requested by spacecat)

9. sidechain possibility (requested by golemus2)

EQ Three

1. eq3 to be 12 o clock centered (requested by nuperspective)

2. EQ 3 should NOT change the sound quality that much when loaded in channels ! Should be transparent sounding like EQ8 ! (Requested by sebastienleger)


External Audio Effect

Filter Delay


Frequency Shifter


1. The Gate needs to be able to go lower than -40db! (Requested by RoundHouse)

2. The option to use independent thresholds for opening and closing the gate (AKA "hysteresis" - see This can be used to manage some "choppiness" when gating a track, especially if you're using side chain gating to add some rhythmic interest to a track. (Requested by adamj)

Grain Delay



1. looper should record in separate layers. very important!!! each layer stand for its own. so you can drag them separately and create something new. (requested by Alsamarkan)

2. the ability to use it with direct monitoring and automatic latency compensation. For example: you are playing electric guitar, monitoring it through hardware guitar processor/combo with minimal latency, and recording it into Live's Looper. In this case you don't need Live to monitor what you are actually playing, you need it to behave like during regular clip recording with monitoring turned off, but now this is not possible. As I see it, this feature in Looper will require that the playback of the recorded loop will start slightly before the recording itself ends to compensate audio interface latency. (requested by cheparukhin)

3. Not just individual layers but also each assignable to track inputs so they can be mixed/edited/produced later. (Requested by ovorigin)

4. A way of controlling level of gain for things like pitch shifting so 'apparent' volume can be controlled/automated. (Requested by ovorigin)

5. ROCK SOLID OPERATION PLEASE (Requested by ovorigin)
[it pops it click and just plain doesnt operate as intended sometimes, its a tool for live use and is FAR from reliable.
make it as solid as a hardware loopers pretty please.]

6. A larger LIVE viewing mode that toggles to each midi function u select. (Requested by ovorigin)

7. "Looper" with the possibility to change (separately) loop bpm, or loop speed. (Requested by Hei©o)

Multi-band Dynamics

1. Key input on each Band! (Requested by gRave Robber)

2. 4 band multiband comp. (requested by 3dot...)



Ping Pong Delay

1. Adjustable speed for repitch mode on Live's delays. (requested by gp23)
[the rate of response when changing the delay time when in 'repitch' mode (the selectable delay mode accessed via the context menu on the top bar). At the moment it is fixed and I find it a little slow and sluggish especially when making fast adjustments to the delay time. In the delay devices in Guitar Rig there is a knob called 'acceleration' which adjusts the response time when changing delay time, from either quite slow to practically instant.]




1. 9. bettered reverb. (requested by 3dot... (and 1000 more ppl))


Simple Delay

1. Adjustable speed for repitch mode on Live's delays. (requested by gp23)
[the rate of response when changing the delay time when in 'repitch' mode (the selectable delay mode accessed via the context menu on the top bar). At the moment it is fixed and I find it a little slow and sluggish especially when making fast adjustments to the delay time. In the delay devices in Guitar Rig there is a knob called 'acceleration' which adjusts the response time when changing delay time, from either quite slow to practically instant.]


1.Use Color for Frequencies on Spectrum, Have one color for Sub,Lows,Mids, and Hi. Use a different shade of color as you work up and down that sections Frequencies. (i.e. Subs- 10hz dark purple and work your way up in color shade till you hit the next section which would be the lows.)

Also having a 3D Spectrum Field which can tell you were the audio is within a 3D field (i.e. Depth, Height, and left and right)

Another Color Spectrum that can show the Frequencies of Track groups as one Color, with multiple track groups (each with a different color) within one window, this way you can see if different tracks are clashing with each other. (requested by IceDrag0n76)


1. Be able to set gain -inf

2. db meter in utility (requested Xen Ochren)

Vinyl Distortion




1. write / commit button [you can record the output of the arp to a midi clip. however, a nice time saver would be a commit button a la grooves that you set the bar length, set your arp settings and hit commit to create a new midi clip with the notes in] (requested by nuperspective)

2. more flexibility, it would be good to have something like step sequencer, trance gate, velocity control buit-in. (requested by cheparukhin)


MIDI Effect Rack

1. Midi Effects Rack -> Input from and output to CC's, values get saved in rack (requested by solconnection)


1. Octave buttons in "Pitch" plug-in:
(requested by Kristijonas)





1a. Convolution Reverb
1b. one more reverb (with better quality and more flexible... maybe a convolution) (requested by 0fps)
1c. Plus a nice library of IR's to get you going (Requested by bigcohoona)

2. Stereo widener with frequency cutoffs
+ by Kristijonas: Multiband stereo imager

3. Exciter

4. Granular synth with sample import

5. Multi tap delay (requested by nuperspective)

6. AutoPitchCorrect (requested by re.mark)

7. Midi Effect -> Pre Delay (inserts an amount of time before note is triggered), you can do this now with a work around (chord + arp + velocity + length) but it would be so much nicer + more cpu friendly to have a midi effect that did it for you. (requested by solconnection)

8a. De-esser
8b. Wish for a De-esser that let us compress specific range of frequency(mainly Hi freq) while let other range of frequency pass through. (Requested by Monchai)

9a. Transient designer(Requested by loachm)
9b. envelope / transient shaper (requested by spacecat)

10a. Some simple basic Video Effect devices
10b. basic opacity, size, and speed adjustments. (Requested by dysanfel)

11. A Pitch Shifter effect, like the Digitech Whammy pedal. I record live loops and therefore can't touch assign a midi controller to the 'transpose' effect on a clip that hasn't been created yet! I know several other people who do live looping with Ableton who feel the same way. (Requested by mousetrapreplica)

12. A MIDI effect to convert note information to Control Change information, and vice versa. (Requested by mousetrapreplica)

13. Midi Plugin: "microtonality" (Requested by 789lwnm2)
[let's you enter any division of an octave, say 24 steps/octave: C1 on keyboard = pitch C1, C2 on keyboard = pitch F#, C3 on keyboard = pitch C2
let's you enter amount of Cents for each half step on the midi keyboard.
it should also allow combinations, say C1-F1 is 20 Cents per step, F#1-G is 33 cents, G#1-B1 is 44 steps. these values are valid for each octave
also: Cent values for each individual note: C1-C2 33 cents, C#2-F4 69 Cents, F#4 - end = 39 Cents
and of course, sampler, operator, analog, collision and everything else must understand it (if they don/t already.)]

14. Envelope Follower device to control any device parameter with audio input. (requested by gp23)

15. Comprehensive MIDI Delay device a la Yamaha RS7000, with velocity, gate and note feedback in negative and positive amounts. (requested by gp23)

16. LFO device. I can live without the ones below, but an LFO device for both Live devices and external plugins' parameters would truly be heaven! (requested by Idonotlikebroccoli)

17a. A correction tool like melodyne
17b. I wish for a pitch adjust/correction plug-in, right now I use the Auto-tune, they worked fine but I hate the dongle. (Requested by Monchai)

18. Process Viewer - to keep track what eats CPU (requested by Kristijonas)
Detailed real time cpu (maybe even RAM) usage monitoring for internal Live processes, it could look similar like this:
Analog 15.7%
Kontakt 19%
Compressor 5%
MegaReverb 2%
CamelCrusher 9.3%
Total: 72.31%

19. a GM or well-packed Rompler instrument that comes free with Live. (requested by condra)

20. Midi FX = an LFO device which can be assigned to any parameter [sidechains, or parameter in a midi instrument] (requested by Hermanus)

21. granular distortion or filter (requested by KrisM)

22. RMS, peak, phase and stereo meters or one multimeter. Preferably both. (requested by knur_wesoly)

23. Oscilloscope (requested by knur_wesoly)

24. parameter modulation devices.including peak and envelope followers. (requested by 3dot...)

25. Audio effects with their own Tap-Tempo, independent of the Global tempo. (requested by oblique strategies)

26. Currently I use the Autopan for this purpose by turning the phasing all the way down but it would be so much nicer to have a dedicated Amplitude Modulator with a fully adjustable LFO envelope with break points. (requested by Robo Boogie)

27. A tempo ramp plugin (ie: ramp from 110bpm to 120bpm over 200bars or 5 minutes) - perfect for drunken djing (requested by 1D)

28a. a completed audio editor side: bounce in place at least. (requested by petit nuage)
28b. basic wave editor properties integrated to Live like: insert silence, normalize, amplify, show spectrum, equalize, process with VST effect. (Requested by golemus2)

29. A system that is able to take a audio file and convert it into midi notes. Note values and note length. (requested by macgregoroi)

30. Drum instrument like the Kong(where the user can access to synth drums, acoustic drums and sampled drum) (requested by Monchai)

31. channel racks = a rack that would include all instrument/plugins as well as all midi patterns in them. would be useful for those moments when you come up with something great that doesnt fit the song you're working on. quickly save it as a rack and come back to it later. additional bonus points for having optional send levels with corresponding return channels included. (requested by sawanotsuru)

31a. another more advance filter with more filter types and a wet and dry (Requested by jace_(nz))
31b. alternative (more fat) filter for sidechaining in addition to autofilter (Requested by golemus2)

32. Internal controllers (Requested by ryanisflyboy)
I'd love to see internal controllers, along with a set of plugins that generate control signals. For example, I'd like a generic LFO I can apply to any automatable parameter. Or how about a plugin that takes the volume of its input and turns it in to a control signal which can be assigned to control any automatable parameter.

Another idea would be to use simple math equations to adjust or modify the control signal. It would be nice if you could assign multiple parameters to one control. For example, tying 15 automatable parameters across 8 channels and 6 VSTs - all to one master LFO which can be changed live. Another controller could watch for the end of a pattern and produce a control signal. I'm sure with a bit of brainstorming someone could come up with 5-10 'lego brick' like controllers that could be used in a chain to change your sound in an infinite amount of ways.

Of course, to keep track of controllers they should be nameable. In order to be effective you should be able to assign them to anything, and assign the same controller multiple times to different things. Perhaps a list like the midi or key assignments could be used to keep track of them all.

33. ITU-R BS1770 loudness metering (Requested by Jan Holm)
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LAUNCHPAD - APC40 - Controllers

Post by IP » Wed Jan 13, 2010 4:34 pm


1. Launchpad to follow current scene. (requested by stubba)


1. save status of APC with liveset (requested by tenderboy)

[when opening a set the APC gets back to its default status: no track selected, track control on "pan",...
would be cool if I could save the status I want with the live set (eg: track one selected, device nr 2 (on track 1) in device control selected, track control an "send B"...)]

2. Automapped controls (APC40) marked in live, so one can see what functions are automapped and which not. (Requested by dzisign)

3. Allow the user to define what clip-matrix-area is represented by a session overview button in APC 20/40 or in Launchpad. (Requested by nicobi)

When pressing shift on the APC 40, each button represents a 8x5 array of slots. Stepping through the arrays is fixed, the anchors for each possible array are (n = rows, m = columns):

(1,1); (1,9); (1,17); …(1,m)
(2,1); (2,9); (2,17); …(2,m)
(3,1); (3,9); (3,17); …(3,m)

(n,1); (n,9); (n,17); …(n,m)

and so on. I would like to have a userdefined anchor-matrix. That is i can assign an array at any position in the session. And I could step or toggle between them with shift-(left-right-up-down)-cursors on the controller.

Other controllers general

1. Be able to use the step sequencer (Impluse/Drumrack or even any midi clip) on a midi controller (launchpad/lemur you name it). (requested by Steo)

2. I would like to use a Korg Kaoss Pad 3 as a Launchpad. The KP3 pad has an illuminated by a grid of 64 LEDs (8x8) with a variable brightness.
If desired, in collaboration with the Korg, could create an operating system for the Kaoss Pad 3 fully supported by Live, as for the Launchpad or APC40. (Requested by DjBurba)

3. Also I'd like to see the an iPad app that allows you to expand the functionality of the APC controller. It could be a nice floating option that could expand the touch interface of APC. Perhaps the ability to add two or three so that other band members could have one too, or something that could be cloned and distributed to the other band members. Or different gui's working on the same song. Not sure if that was clear or not. (Requested by MakiSupaStar)

4. Controller development pack (Requested by kidtronic)
alot of people are building experimental controllers and atmeg machines, how about a controller development pack so they can design interfaces in their communities and settle on a version and upload it into the preset menus. I find non-list controllers horribly frustrating to integrate.

5.Support for IPAD2 ... (Requested by kidtronic)
...which is rumoured to have decent midi and usb ports for external work. If its true, then even I a Mac hater, may switch for use as a live performance controller.

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placeholder 1

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placeholder 2

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Post by Kristijonas » Thu Jan 14, 2010 2:14 pm

Ability to invert Envelopes:
Check out my new release: "Eccentric Grooves"

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Post by IP » Thu Jan 14, 2010 3:24 pm

some really crazy ideas around here !!!

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Post by timday » Sun Jan 17, 2010 4:21 pm

Ability to have more than one track in the MIDI window, in order to help with harmonisation etc..

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already in ...

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Post by Jarvisimon » Mon Jan 18, 2010 1:23 am

Didn't see this on the list so here goes.

Better user script implementation.

This is all one request, however, I needed to break it down into smaller pieces to be more easily digested.

I have written up the user script file for my controller, which has greatly simplified its integration within Live, however, my controller has knobs, sliders and buttons, so I would really like to be able to reflect its layout in the instrument/effect//drum racks, which as we all know, only show us 8 macros.

Also, as I click individual effects etc, my controller is automatically put in control of the effects parameters (the blue hand), however, they're not often the parameters i'd like to control, so, I would like it if it were possible to map these myself.

Further to this, I would like to add a sequencer lane for controllers, so if I were to use more than one controller, I could sequence which controller controlled which rack throughout the duration of a Live performance.

If you (the ableton coders) give this a few moments thought, i'm sure you could implement something very powerful and easy to use.

Of course this wouldn't be such a necessity were all manufacturers to submit a controller template with each of their new products, however, this isn't the case.

I'm glad of the User Script as they are but there's definitely room for improvement.

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Post by msintros » Mon Jan 18, 2010 5:11 am


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