DirectConnect/HTDM support

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Do you use Pro Tools within your live! environment?

yes, with live as my only sequencer on a separate computer (PT as mixer)
yes, with live and my sequencer on separate computers
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DirectConnect/HTDM support

Post by kbadelt » Sat Sep 28, 2002 11:27 pm

I'd love to see digidesign DirectConnect support, ideally even HTDM.

Imagine running live as a ProTools plug-in window, total recall of the live set with the Pro Tools session...? That's what HTDM could do, in addition to audio streaming.

Note: Keep OMS available in this setup to enable the use of a separate sequencer computer (Logic, Cubase,...) with Pro Tools as your mixer - for all of us who don't use the Pro Tools MIDI sequencer (does actually anybody...?)

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