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Clip Pickup Anchor

Post by deerwolf » Fri Aug 06, 2010 6:58 pm

Something I dreamt up to solve a common issue I have.

Some loops have a pickup before their first beat. If you want them to loop correctly, you would have to ignore the pickup since it would, for example, add an extra beat or [nth] note to your loop. This leads to the common problem when building a track where everything hits on the 1 - that massive everything-landing-on-the-one sound that can be common to Live when you jump to a new scene.

A simple solution to this would be to have a marker in the editor that would indicate where the pickup begins, and have it play that part in advance. As I imagine it, the user would click a button somewhere on the window to turn the pickup option on, and this would make a new anchor appear in the editor. The new anchor/marker would look the same as the begin/end ones but might be a different color. You could set this where you wanted the loop to pickup, and then if you launch the clip say a bar before you want it to drop, the next clip will play it's pickup before the one bar launch wait time is over. ! If the pickup time is greater than the wait time it could either just ignore the pickup or play a bit of it quantized to the nearest [nth] note.

This would be hugely helpful, since right now it is cumbersome to move the begin/end/loop markers to a new clip that just contains the pickup before the loop, or waiting until you record a performance and then doing in the timeline editor.

If you like this idea give it a big up!

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