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Track Auto-Numbering with the APC

Posted: Fri Dec 10, 2010 1:53 pm
by claytonsquire
I have a small GUI improvement request that I can't imagine would be too difficult. The track auto-numbering feature is great, but when scrolling/shifting through banks on the APC, it's easy to get a little lost and I don't really want to be doing math in the middle of a performance. For example, say I have 12 tracks in my session, the names of which all start with the "#" character. As long as my APC is controlling the first 8 tracks, the dynamic track numbers and the track numbers on the APC will match up. However say I then want to launch a clip on track 11; I scroll over 3 tracks and fire my clip. Excellent. Now I want to adjust Send A on track 7. I know it's not track 7 on the APC, so quick, do math! OK, err... track 4 on the APC! Damn, missed my cue.

A simple solution to this would be an alternate to the "#" at the beginning of track names, for example, "#APC". My proposed behavior for this would be that tracks controlled by the APC would always be numbered 1-8, and the names of tracks outside of the APC's grid could start with either something like "N.C." (not controlled), or maybe just a "!". That way your on-screen number always match your APC numbers.