What new devices would you like most?

Share your wishes for the future of Ableton Live

What new devices would you like most?

New Synth - Granular, Additive, Modular etc
Performance Effects Device (ala Stutter Edit etc)
More/better mastering devices
Rompler stuff - Real world instruments
Missing devices - Exciter, de-esser, noise redu, etc
Convolution Reverb
Step Sequencer Instrument (ala Guru, Subboombass)
Something new .. surprise me.
Other, (please expand)
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Re: What new devices would you like most?

Post by msintros » Mon Nov 26, 2012 10:48 am

Angstrom wrote:I would like the existing devices to be more modular.

Imagine routing envelopes and LFOs from one Device to another. Run out of LFOs in Operator? just patch in a new one from another instrument.
Run audio from one device to several others and back again. A 9 voice Operator, Analogue with any waveform.

Control the routing from aftertouch, LFO, Envelopes, pitch, etc. Control the filter delay speed by the Sampler modulation dept. Route Operator as the carrier and Sampler as the modulator for the Frequency shifter. Imagine Live as one huge modular.

and no, I do not want to do this in Max
^More or less this

Basically I'd like to see more freedom and options for the things Live already does or should be able to do. More MIDI routing options, MIDI and devices still active in Rewire mode.

For audio clips, I'd like to have more freedom to change things like pitch and tempo on the fly. For instance, currently there is a pitch control for each clip in Live but you can only automate whichever track is selected. That's really weak. There should be more Recycle and Electrix Repeater type capabilities (i.e. ability to "play" the pitch shift value via MIDI, etc.) to break up audio without having to slice it yourself and use follow actions to simulate the behavior.

When you make changes to an audio clip that affects timing of playback or some other aspect of position, it would be nice to have the option of having the play position within that clip retain its continuity rather than jumping to where it thinks it should be based on the change you just made (i.e. if you adjust clip start position while it is playing, currently it jumps to the point in the loop it would be at if it had started where the new start position is, which is sometimes desirable but not always).

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