midi assigns work on active/currently selected track mode

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midi assigns work on active/currently selected track mode

Post by ian_halsall » Wed Jul 06, 2011 12:34 pm

If you assign a midi controller to transpose of a clip then this is applied to the currently selected track which is incredibly useful because you can reduce the number of physical midi controllers you need.

It would be nice to extend this to all the parameters of the selected track.

There could be 2 modes of working (which ideally would be hot switchable during playback) - the old one where midi controllers are hard wired into each track's effect and instrument parameters and a 'currently selected' midi mode.

In this new mode each track would have its own set of midi controllers which could change or stay the same.

So you could have 1 mid controller channel strip with a slider and a knob which you assigned to ableton track 1 channel volume and an auto filter cutoff.

Selecting channel 2 in ableton (as long as channel 2 has an auto filter) would re-use this physical midi controller strip.

Alternatively you could assign the same physical midi controller to channel 2 redux and delay while leaving channel 1 assigned to channel volume and filter cutoff.

Switching with the mouse to select between the 2 ableton channels could give a lot of expression with just 1 slider and a knob.

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