Resampling option

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Resampling option

Post by keefbaker » Wed Aug 10, 2011 12:54 pm

As resampling is now a big thing in a lot of dance music it would be handy to have a "resample option"

Here's how I would see this working.

Much like freeze and flatten, you would select this and it would turn to audio. However it would store the settings for the plugins away, not keeping them in memory just what plugins at what settings. You could then chop away to your hearts content but if you wanted to add something extra with the proper synth you could un-resample with it somehow keeping the audio in place untouched so you could then do more midi stuff and possibly resample that then again.

I might not be making myself clear but I think this would be very handy.

petit nuage
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Re: Resampling option

Post by petit nuage » Thu Aug 11, 2011 9:47 am

+ 10000

I hope ableton willl implement bounce in place, bounce to audio,destructive audio printing or whatever you call it in the next version of live.

the joy will be to have a really simple but powerful audio editing system a la ableton to finalize the audio editor' side of live and to keep (for me important) the ergonomy, fluidity of the workflow and to have a clear and simple process in LIVE's spirit .

I cant stand to have to freeze, flatten, unfreeze, each time ... ALL THE SOUNDS CONTAINS IN ONE TRACK, to just print one eq,comp or others fx, on each of the hundreds or thousands little sounds for whose i ve already spend one or more hours to chop .

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