MP3player out of SW1000coax>Hammerfall ASIO hassles

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MP3player out of SW1000coax>Hammerfall ASIO hassles

Post by Ybarrymore » Mon Jan 28, 2002 11:03 pm

I left a posting a while back "4 things etc.."
THE MAIN problem I had before the Ableton demo "left the party" was: [LOVE some comments on this]

I have a hammerfall and an SW1000 in my PC the hammerfalls ADAT out's go to my MAC and I can't use them with my SW1000 as it's ONLY got coax digital out.. SO...

What I WANT to do is:

1) run my MP3 player OUT of the SW1000 coax INTO the HAMMERFALL coax input [inputs 25-26 in ASIO list] ALETON's LIVE would be using the Hammerfall card in ASIO mode..which is a problem...

2) I would put LIVE in Live input mode on a track channel which would allow me to HEAR the MP3 playing thru ableon's Live program.

3) THEN I could GRAB bit's of audio and use them WHILE the MP3 player continues Uninterupted...!!

4) UNINTERUPTED and sounding great is ONLY going to happen in ASIO mode as DX mode is crappy for latency, dropouts etc.

PROBLEM... I have not been ABLE (pun intended) to get LIVE to WORK with the COAX inputs [25-26] on the HAMMERFALL. If I recall correctly it shows the levels (not sure) but I hear nothing..

YES I've seen this before too... it has something to do with the HAMMERFALL being in ADAT mode... BUT even when the RME control panel appears to be syncing to the coax STEREO input and is in "somewhat" of a 2 track mode there in no joy hearing the LIVE output...

IS that clearly said....

I have a lot of hours spent NOT assuming anything over the years with tech probs...

I think this is to do with? maybe hammerfall really... Also it's the way the software ASIO inplimentation is and how clever and flexible it is etc...??yes?? ideas??

You would think this would work... try it...
2 soundcards with full adat mode AND a coax input..
TRY to get the coax input to work with ABLETON's LIVE program in ASIO mode...

Works fine in DX mode....


best wishes to ALL


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