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Automatic new clip creation on loop end

Posted: Sat Jan 14, 2012 10:35 pm
by andersogsnes
I saw something very useful (think it was in logic) that could have been a briliant idea to make an Ableton variation on. When you need several tries on a take, you just marked some bars for looping. Each time the loop reached the end, there was created a new track for the instrument you worked on. The loop just kept going, and I just kept playing, and the recording came on a new track. When satisfied, I just deleted the bad ones. This was very useful in the prosess of testing out ideas.

An odea for implemenation i Session View:
When working on a clip - i.e. when I need 10 attempts to nail *THE* take of the 2-3 bars of guitar (or whatever) - I wish a checkbox where I could deside that Ableton (either in the Looper or even better - directly in in the session matrix) create a NEW clip an continue recording- i.e. by putting the new clip right beneath the first by expanding the height of the "scene line".

When I have looped n times, and made n attempts, I could just start the scene, and select either one of the guitar clips to be active with the rest of the scene.

lets say I had made 5 loops - there would be 5 clips in the slot. When starting the scene, I will be able to click which one of the new guitar clips I've just recorded I will listen to with the rest of the clips in the scene. The active clip could have the flashing arrow, and the inactive not. Next time the loop starts again, I could click either one of inactive, and listen if it is better. When I have decided, I could just throw away those I do not like (or sounds shitty) - or even better - keep them

Re: Automatic new clip creation on loop end

Posted: Sat Jan 14, 2012 10:45 pm
by kanuck
you can already do this in ableton. but it is a little different. if you loop something in arrangement view you can keep taking new takes. unfortunately it doesn't make a new track for reach new take. if you open up clip view for that comped take you can see that the start/end markers are highlighted for the last take you took. you can move this to choose thte take you like best. It isn't as efficient as say logic or pro tools but it works. Comping is something a lot of people are hoping for soon in a future ableton release.

Re: Automatic new clip creation on loop end

Posted: Mon Jan 16, 2012 8:47 am
by andersogsnes
In arrangement view yes - but I think it is a little bitt awkward. I want it when working with my clips.
It could also be implemented as a looper function. I.e. two modes - "Rehearsal" and "Sound-on-Sound", where you in rehearsal mode could browse (Two buttons; + and -) that desides which of the loops you have recorded that should be "active" - and with a posibility to drag the actual loop up to the clip. ...or is this functionality allready present today? - It should be very obvious to have it. I have not played too much with the looper...