GROOVEBOX! Ignore other groove box post...

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GROOVEBOX! Ignore other groove box post...

Post by rchrdnsh » Tue May 22, 2012 8:34 pm


The Ableton GrooveBox!

This would be an amazing addition to the Clip Boxes in Ableton Live 9.

Swing - Adds swing based on a chosen sub-division (2nd, 4th, 8th, 16th, 32nd etc...) and allows the user to introduce timing randomness as well.

Pocket - Allows the user to offset the start of a note ahead or behind the beat up to the limit of the chosen grid resolution, as well as being able to introduce timing randomness as well.

Accent - This is where it gets even more interesting. This allows the user to design an accent pattern and then apply different velocity levels based on the accent pattern. The most basic example of the this would be an 8th note hi-hat pattern. the user selects 4 8th notes of hi-hat MIDI notes, then selects the first 4 squares in the accent matrix, then applies a different amount of velocity to each note. An possible outcome could be strong-weak-medium-weak. This is the pattern I have inserted into the example image. This allows the user to quickly design humanistic accent patterns to static drum parts, which add a sense of motion, dynamics and realism to otherwise flat drums. One could create many more interesting and complex pattern simply by engaging more boxes and assign different velocities to each box. 7/8, 9/8 and other patterns are possible. Also, if a pattern is 4 notes long, but 8 notes are selected, then the pattern repeats itself on the 5th note. The Amount and Random sliders do as they would expect to do.

Quantize - It makes sense to me to include the quantize function in the GrooveBox as well, but to add to it also, to make it more robust and comprehensive. The standard quantize controls are there, as well as the ability to create Tuplet. For those that don't know a Tuplet is a unique grouping of notes over a different rhythmic grouping. A standard example is 5 beats over 4 beats. This allows the user to define any Tuplet over the current grid value. This is soooo needed, in my opinion.


Everything in my GrooveBox design is selection based, so that the chosen settings can be applied to all notes or only those notes that are selected. For instance, if I want to add different swing values to the hi-hat and the kick, I can do that by selecting only the hi-hat notes, dialing in the amount I want, then hit apply, then select the kick notes, dial in the amount I want, then hit apply. This allows the user to create advanced, humanistic grooves. Loose but tight, as some might say.

Please, chime in and share ideas on this, as I have worked hard on it's concept and design, but I'm sure I've missed things.

Feedback is very welcome!!

Thank you,

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Re: GROOVEBOX! Ignore other groove box post...

Post by cpyatak » Tue May 29, 2012 11:40 pm

I love it! And it's something I could totally see ableton doing.

I would use this more than I currently use the groove function now. I actually really miss the global swing up top by the tempo/metronome.

But this would be really good!



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Re: GROOVEBOX! Ignore other groove box post...

Post by doghouse » Wed May 30, 2012 12:52 am

Live already is a least to me.

If you need randomness to overcome strict quantization, just play your parts in live, they'll be random enough 8)

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