Live 9 is super meh.

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Live 9 is super meh.

Post by rchrdnsh » Thu Nov 01, 2012 10:16 am

Live 9 is a massive disappointment to me. Sooooo many things unaddressed after so long. I've personally have a list of near 100 improvements, from large to small, and almost none of them have been addressed...

Editable Bezier Curves
Track/Clip Comping
Bounce in Place
Edit multiple Clips Together
Audio Bin
Envelope Bin
Warping in Simpler/Sampler
Nested Grouping
Template Management
Modern and Elegant UI
Retina Display Support
Multiple Monitor Support
Automation Points That Snap to Grid
Arrange View Clip Launcher
Edit Swing of Selected Notes
Edit Pocket of Selected Notes
Edit Accent Patterns of Selected Notes
Stackable Clip Modules
Larger Meters Between Plugz in Device Chain
Minutes:Seconds Counter in Menu Bar
Shuffle and Slip Editing in the Arrange Page
Nested Pad Samples in Drum Racks
Melodyne Integration the top of my head... name a few...




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Re: Live 9 is super meh.

Post by topaz » Sun Nov 11, 2012 9:52 am

It's true, so maybe like me you have to realise that live is great for getting ideas down quick but as far as advanced editing and arranging is concerned maybe you need to export audio and midi from session view into another host ?

Today I will try and export a short midi / audio arrangement into pro tools as an experiment.
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Re: Live 9 is super meh.

Post by Jinsai » Wed Nov 14, 2012 1:47 am

It's not the drastic update w/ all the fixes I was looking for, but Ableton 9 has some new additions that I like... especially the new Gating functions, and the visualizers in the gate, improved compressor, and EQ. I'm also interested in the drum synth.

Still, yeah, automation curves could be improved, but the addition of them at all is very welcome.

I can understand your frustration though... especially regarding the warping in sampler/simpler. However, I've personally never hoped that Ableton would completely replace my main DAW. I use it more as a tool for playing live and for constructing song ideas and glueing things together.

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