layered midi editing

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Re: layered midi editing

Post by S4racen » Wed Jun 22, 2016 5:45 pm

With Ableton 10 probably.... Lots of people aren't waiting ;-)

New release due:

- Renamed settings tab "Fold" to "Scale".
- Reorganized a few parameters in the settings.
- Notes will be displayed as being flat instead of sharp depending on the selected key of the scale.
- The active scale can now be displayed in the piano roll even without using the fold mode.
- Specific intervals of the scale can now be highlighed.
- Session view clips are now always placed at the beginning of the arrangement inside Multiclip.
- A refresh button has been added at the bottom of the cliplist which will reload the notes for all clips.
- Additionally the refresh will be triggered automatically as soon as an overdub record is being stoped. This behaviour can be deactivated or set to refresh whenever the transport stops.
- The interface can now be zoomed to show more content without having to resize the window.
- All vector graphics have been replaced by another method of rendering, which uses less cpu.
- Presets (color schemes) have been improved.
- Displaying notes and velocities have been improved. ... ip-editor/


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