Feature Request: Alternate Tuplets in Quantize/Grid Settings

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Feature Request: Alternate Tuplets in Quantize/Grid Settings

Post by tristanperich » Tue Feb 05, 2013 5:08 pm

I often have MIDI rhythms besides the regular beat divisions and triplets (i.e. 5-tuplets).

I'd love to be able to set the grid view of a MIDI clip or quantize settings to a non-standard tuplet.

(It seems as though the current choice of regular beat divisions + tuplets could be re-thought in general.)


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Re: Feature Request: Alternate Tuplets in Quantize/Grid Settings

Post by sambaji » Tue Jun 05, 2018 10:26 pm

Hi Folks,

This feature was requested over fives years. Yet, with all the amazing bells and whistles that Ableton has introduced since then, there has been no real advancements on the quantize and grid options--e.g., quintuplets and septuplets.

I am aware of the technique of compressing/stretching groups of notes to create non-triplet tuplets. However, this is very time consuming if you want to base a whole groove primarily on septuplets or quintuplets, for example, particularly when the grid guide is limited to either triplets or binary divisions. Using non-triplet tuplets in grooves is not as rare as one may think, and can, in fact, more accurately reproduce the "mysterious" swing feel found in Jazz or other African-influenced rhythms such as Samba. For example, The "mysterious" samba swing, often played on the snare and shakers, can be thought of as a kind of septuplet (a tuplet of seven) swing played quickly. I discovered this for myself by superimposing and comparing grids of various beat divisions--8,6,5 and 7--on a spectrogram of the typical ganza (shaker) ostinato played in samba. The onsets of the samba ostinato sample often matched up with the 1-34-6- divisions of a septuplet, with some slight variances. In many ethic music genres, musicians fluidly move between straight binary grooves and tuplets within the same song. It's these types of subtleties that make human drummers standout from most programmed drum tracks.

A complete variety of tuplets are a standard feature in Notation software, such as Musescore, why not DAWs? The rhythmic limitations of most DAWs is why I generally prefer to compose in notation programs. I say, make Ableton standout from the crowd by adding more tuplet options! Hopefully, this feature request will be passed onto to Ableton's developing team for further consideration. Thanks.

PS: If I was to design a DAW from scratch, I would first focus mainly on developing an user-friendly, flexible grid/quantize system to allow a complete array of tuplets (polyrhythms) in the same clip, simultaneously or sequentially. I might even call the sequencer/piano-roll aspect of the GUI the "Groove Matrix".

Since rhythm is the core of music, it should also be core focus of any DAW.

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Re: Feature Request: Alternate Tuplets in Quantize/Grid Settings

Post by Stromkraft » Wed Jun 06, 2018 4:38 am

I agree with all of this thinking. More timing features and flexibility would be really useful. I've longed for a groove per voice, or why not shifting grooves per voice since my 6 years of use of Live.

Most aspects can be overcome in different ways but low level, well integrated implementation into the fabric of Live would create new possibilities.
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