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MPC Quantizations in the list of available Quant settings

Posted: Tue Mar 26, 2013 9:34 pm
by matkatmusic
Howdy. I was poking around inside the .app package and noticed that the Contents/App-Resources/Core Library/Swing and Groove/Quantize/ files are the same type as listed in the MPC directory. Is there a hack or fix to add some of those Groove templates to the list of available Quantize settings? Perhaps it is a workflow thing, but I miss being able to select individual notes in the midi editor and quantize only those notes to the MPC quantization settings. As it stands, if I want to apply an MPC groove to a midi region, i have to apply it to the entire region. I tried copying the MPC *.agr files into the Quantize folder in hopes that they would show up under the list of available quantize values, but it idn't work. This is a similar feature to Logic's "Create Groove Template" so that any midi file can be used as a quantization setting after it's added to the Groove Template list. The easier it is for me to quantize midi, the better. Right now, because i'm a new user, it's somewhat cumbersome to apply an mpc quantization to a midi file and not intuitive.

Being able to add our own custom quantizations to the list of available quantizations (command U) would be a great feature!