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Mixer/Track: Open VST editor

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2013 4:37 am
by Adrian Myers
Ideal behavior:
Clicking on a "Open VST Editor" icon on a track in the mixer (in Session or Arrangement view) should open the editor for the first assigned VST, or the first assigned VST of the track to which the clicked track is routing MIDI.

Here is a visual example: ... toggle.jpg

When using a multi-timbral synth such as Kontakt, it's good practice to load several intruments inside each instance of the synth. In that case, you will have several MIDI-only tracks routed to a track with a VST instance running on it. In a complex project, these tracks may be dozens of tracks apart. The addition of an icon that opens the VST editor that the current track is sending MIDI to would be extremely helpful.