Basic sample player functions

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Basic sample player functions

Post by carson » Sat Feb 02, 2002 11:07 am


I'm totally exited about the concept behind Live. It's exactly the tool I have been seeing and hearing inside my head. The way of dragging sounds from the browser to slots which can be assigned to midinotes or keys and being able to record your improvisations as sequences - exellent! The look and feel of it is very elegant, I love the way you zoom and move around in the sample display.

However, I agree with those who say that something essential is missing: As long as it doesn't have basic sample player functions it's useless - at least for the live applications I would be interested in at this point.

Until Live has these two features, I will be misserable from the awareness of being so close to the goal, yet not there at all:

1) Ability to trigger one-shots in "good" sound quality, without any changes to the original sound at all.
2) Ability for a sound to loop independently of the session tempo as long as the note is on.

Live handles loops very well. But even in loop based music, you will want to throw in samples that don't relate to the session tempo. Let's say you have a sample of a person saying "I am not a crook", and you want that sample to sound perfectly clean, in it's original tempo, and not like "I am not a cr..." or "I am not a crookrookrookrookrookrookrookrook". As it is, when you set the 'transient res' to 'bar' the sample will either be cut off when the session loop period is reached, or parts of the sample will be looped until the session loop period is reached. You can't do a plain one-shot and you can't have the sample loop in it's own cycle until you release the note - as you would with any sample player.

So for now I will keep using the demo as a great improvisation toy. But the same second you either tell me that I got it all wrong and that Live can do what I want to do, or you release an update which fixes the problems, the toy will become a serious tool and I will buy it immediately!

Thanx a lot for your brilliant work,


Re: Basic sample player functions    

Post by Flatch » Sat Feb 02, 2002 6:43 pm

Amen carson. Unless LIVE is only meant to be a groovy toy for DJs and Performance Artists, it MUST include ways to import, record, and playback stereo samples @48k (or above) at tempo. I hope Ableton's answer won't be "Hey, if you want unlooped audio, Rewire LIVE to DP or LOGIC". Many of their potential customers may not have the money to go that route, while others, Pro Tools users like myself, don't have Rewire support to begin with. :cry:

Gerhard Behles

You are right

Post by Gerhard Behles » Sat Feb 02, 2002 7:31 pm

The ableton conception departments says: you are right. The ability to switch off warping for individual clips is a top item on our todo list. The reason why it's not in there yet is simply our workload. You shouldn't think it takes a lot of time to turn off a feature, but it's a little different in this case. It's a heavy one.

Actually, you are saying two things: You want the ability to turn off warping, and you want to warp with fewer disturbances. That's another heavy one. But it's also pretty high on the list.

Thanks for your comments, and keep tellíng us what we need to do.



Post by carson » Sun Feb 03, 2002 12:31 am

Thanx for the Logic tip - I wasn't aware of that. I'll check it out and hopefully it will serve as a good enough workaround to keep me off of ableton's back long enough for them to finish the work they have to do - I'm glad a fix is high on the list. :)

I actually wrote the following before the replies above, but I'll copy it into the message, just in case it can help someone......

The term "session loop period" I used above is a bit unclear. I think I understand the way it works a little better now. When a clip's 'Orig. Tempo' is exactly the same as the same as the session tempo, the length in the Clip Status Field (when dealing with what in the info view is called "one-shots" although that term seems a little brave here) will be that of the original sound file - and in effect you have a true one-shot (playing in the original tempo if 'transient Res' is set to 'Bar'). Now, the length in the Clip Status Field depends on the session tempo. When the session tempo is slower than that of a clip, the time in the Status Field will be longer than the time of the original sample and in effect the clip will playback in it's full lenth after which (part of) it will be repeated. So if you make sure that the session tempo is slower than the Orig. Tempo of all the clips you want to trigger as one-shots (and don't mess with ":2" or "x2" here!), you will be able to play back the entire sample before the cycle starts again - but you have to stop the clip manually at the exact spot where you want your one-shot to finish, otherwise it will start repeating until the cycle finishes. Which is a pretty clumbsy way of doing one-shots. Unless, of course all your samples are exactly the same length, in which case you're blessed....

Actually samples do loop in their own independent cycle. The problem is they do it even when 'Loop' is disabled under 'Launch Mode' and they do it for a period which is a function of the sample length and the session tempo, and not defined by the note on/off time, which is what you would want if you had enabled 'Repeat' under 'Launcher Mode'.

This is all probably obvious when you have the manual. Maybe I even overlooked something. Either way, my proposal still stands: Basic sample play back functions, pleeeeeeeeeeeeze!

Thanx again


Post by carson » Sun Feb 03, 2002 1:04 am

About ReWire Logic->Live or Live->Logic...Is it even possible??? None of the two will serve as slave, right???

If it works: How???



Post by Guest » Sun Feb 03, 2002 2:14 am

Gerhard, that's great news, thanks for the update. I'll run right out and buy LIVE the minute non-loop audio is supported. :D

carson, I was able to Rewire the LIVE demo to Reason, and I'm pretty sure it works with DP as well, but I might have jumped the gun with Logic. I remember seeing some posts on other boards about how Rewire2 isn't working quite right in Logic yet. Maybe it's fixed in the soon to be released 6.0.



Post by Flatch » Sun Feb 03, 2002 3:06 am

The above post was from me. Also when I Rewired Live and Reason, Live was the master.

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