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Browser GUI

Post by cjhoffmn » Thu May 23, 2013 12:17 pm

After all the beta discussion about the browser, I've learned to work with the L9 browser fairly smoothly. Here are a few simple ideas that would make it more useable for me and should be relatively easy to implement.

I would like it to auto close after a short time if I have stopped using it. If I conduct a search, drag my item into my track, I usually just start working on my track, and will often forget to close the browser. It would be nice if, after say 30 seconds of inactivity, it would close.

"Multi Column Fold"
It would be great if the categories column and the detail colum could be independently folded so I could leave just the categories up (especially just as icons) and the details column would disappear. There are times when I'm back and forth between it, but i have some large file names / folder structures, so the details column can get quite big. Would be awesome if I could just close that down

Related to the point above "Auto-fold" - if I've used the browser, then begun working on my track, I will likely forget to close the browser. Which means any search term I've put in there will still be there. So if I select a different category, I'm often surprised when it comes up blank. Then I have to go clear the search term. Similar to Auto-Fold - it would be great if that term would clear out after some period of time.

"Ctrl-F Toggle"
One solution to some of this would be to make ctrl-f a toggle. Hit it to open the browser, in finder. press it again to (i) clear the search term and (ii) fold away the browser.

Just some ideas that I would find helpful.


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