Import Plug in presets into ableton live browser searchable

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Import Plug in presets into ableton live browser searchable

Post by kompletemail » Fri Jul 26, 2013 7:10 pm

Would be awesome to be able to import Plugin presets Ableton Lives browser and have that searchable in Push..

Remember N.I.'s Kore 2?

I still have it on my computer and what you can do is import the presets of any plug in by right clicking on the plugins name in its browser and clicking import presets, then all the presets will show up in Kore 2 browser and be able to load them..

This would be great so users of other "sequencing groove boxes" (I'm not going to mention any machine names but.. huh ya,, ) can finally work with Ableton its self through its browser and load presets from Push instead of using another sequencing plugin's library and their presets through it ..

And in addition a tagging system would need to be in place to find, for instance Bass sounds or Strings or Leads…

Nothing too detailed in tagging just the basics or maybe user defined tagging..

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