Remember the Bloody Audio Interface!

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Re: Remember the Bloody Audio Interface!

Post by spiritofeden » Fri Jan 24, 2020 1:50 am

Same problem here with an iMac that is always connected to a Focusrite Scarlett.
It happens every time I wake up the iMac from sleep.
I only use Ableton with the Scarlett, so the extra step of re-selecting the input and output devices is a bit frustrating.

Maybe the problem is that when the iMac wakes up, it takes a second for the interface to power back on, and by then Ableton has assumed it's unplugged.

Something as simple as this would help: when Ableton detects that the last interface I used is back on, give me a pop-up window. If I press "ok", reconnect to the interface.
Alternatively, let me specify a preferred device that will always be used when available.

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Re: Remember the Bloody Audio Interface!

Post by chrisw63 » Thu Mar 19, 2020 3:33 pm

I don't have issues changing the interface after Live starts, BUT...

I use a laptop as well. The audio interface at the church is different from the one I use at home (both USB audio). So when I start up at church, Live complains in the middle of startup that the audio interface isn't available and waits for a response before continuing. Why??? Many times I get distracted (cuz, you know, Live starts SO fast....) with other things and the rest of the group is sitting down to rehearse when I notice the dialog and click it. Then they have to wait for me. Even when it's only a few extra seconds it's still annoying.

If this were an issue where Live couldn't start, that would be one thing. But Live starts just fine after clicking the dialog, and I can even load my set before changing Live to the correct audio driver. PLEASE move this dialog to AFTER the startup. Please!? I know it's low priority, but it wouldn't seem to require a lot of time.

The OP gave me another idea, of course. It would take a bit more work, but it seems the way it should react. Just keep a list of most recent audio drivers. Try the first, then the second - really, that's all you need 99% of the time, but why stop there? Ten would be a good size list that you'd have to work to use. At the bottom of the list is the computer's default sound output. Yay! No message on boot up, and no waiting to swap interfaces after the first time.

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Re: Remember the Bloody Audio Interface!

Post by Kerf » Sun Mar 22, 2020 1:42 pm


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