Mode hijacking MIDI-plugin for Push.

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Does the Push Control MIDI Plugin sound like something you want?

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Mode hijacking MIDI-plugin for Push.

Post by MarctheDarc » Sun May 04, 2014 1:47 am

Needless as it may be, i'll take the long way 'round on this one, just so we're all clear.

What i'm suggesting is a small MIDI plugin in Ableton, that, when put 1st in the device chain, will hijack the Push' plugin-recognition and allow the user to make a number of alterations to how Push works, on a per track basis. Including which Note mode is activated and the function of the touch-strip.

Normal behaviour Push will recognise a DrumRack, and the Note mode will switch to the split setting with drum pads and step-sequencer. Load another plugin like Analog, and it'll switch to the keyboard mode with scales, press the note button and it switches to the scaled step-sequencer. Push owners are clear on this.

This is all nice and i love it. But if i load for instance a 3rd party drum plugin, it doesn't recognise it as such, and select the standard keyboard mode, which is less than optimum in many cases.

The small MIDI plugin i'm suggesting should have a few drop down menus, that allow the user to select which mode(s) the Note button should activate on Push on a per track basis, instead of relying on Push identifying 3rd part plugins, which it currently doesn't. Possibly 2 sets of settings per plugin/track, selecting the active set on the Push using the Note button, like we know it from keyboard/step-sequencer modes.

Furthermore the plugin should allow the user to choose the function of the touchstrip on a per setting basis, so for instance in keyboard mode where the standard function is pitchbend, you could instead choose modwheel - this is just 1 example, and certainly the most relevant that i know of, but further applications are open for thoughts.
If made as an integral part of Ableton Live (which would surely make the most sense), there could also be a option in the main program settings to automaticly add the Push Control Plugin to all new MIDI tracks when a Push is present/active.
Another setting that would be useful to add to the plugin would be some control over the Push' aftertouch, which i (and others) feel cut in too easily in unwanted situations.

Lastly i would request adding another Note mode to the Push. Quite simply 64 consecutive notes in a DrumRack inspired setup with no overlap. Which of course should also be available in the plugin.

In my limited knowledge of programming, i think most of this should be fairly simple, and could possibly open for simple and streamlined customisation of some very important Push functions.

Thanks for making an awesome software/hardware combo. Best wishes.
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Re: Mode hijacking MIDI-plugin for Push.

Post by Analog4Science » Fri May 09, 2014 6:03 pm

great suggestion! +1

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Re: Mode hijacking MIDI-plugin for Push.

Post by vibhor » Mon May 12, 2014 12:18 pm

i never really liked scrolling for different sections of the drum pattern (scrolling up and down) it takes time and breaks the rhythm i never really use step sequencing when i am drumming live, if these Ableton designing and controlling guys can fix it i will get 16 extra pads where i dont need any scrolling up and down by the fader and break my rhythm

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