[MIX Workflow Visual Improvements] EQ/Dynamics/Etc.

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[MIX Workflow Visual Improvements] EQ/Dynamics/Etc.

Post by shuutobi » Sun Sep 21, 2014 12:36 pm

I've always felt an urge to be able to visualize the dynamics and EQ of a large amount of channels at once.
It would be nice to have some sort of implementation of this extra data other than what currently exists. (RMS/PEAK Meters, Panning)

There is a plugin for the EQ side of this, but it's the frequency spectrum, not the EQ... Having either would be nice:

Logic Pro X has a quick preview of dynamics information and EQ..

So does the Studer Vista V recording console... "Vistonics" as they call it.

Just hoping for some visual focus on mix workflow in future iterations, and while we're at it, some track phase, track LUFS meters, and the kitchen sink would be excellent!

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Re: [MIX Workflow Visual Improvements] EQ/Dynamics/Etc.

Post by IMPULSOUND » Sat Sep 27, 2014 8:11 pm

To see the Effects (inserts) and the EQ-curve in the Mixer window would be great!
dynamics, etc. are inserts...
maybe ableton can solve this by creating a 3rd Windos called "Mixer View" Like the "arrangement" and "Session View"
There is enough space under this two "views"


Hope to get more people and engineers support this idea!

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Re: [MIX Workflow Visual Improvements] EQ/Dynamics/Etc.

Post by mrgrim3 » Sat Oct 04, 2014 5:39 am

mixer view is a good idea hopefully they will listen
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Re: [MIX Workflow Visual Improvements] EQ/Dynamics/Etc.

Post by JoshG567 » Sat Oct 04, 2014 7:14 am

My compromise is multi-spoked

1) Use 2 monitors always

2) Use intelligent key-mappings for my tracks

3) Organize tracks so the same devices take up the same visual space when I use a key to snap to a track

between 2 and 3 I can compare spectrums, EQs, etc. very quickly between tracks, the key is getting the same device to be in the same place for both tracks

Cognitively, it's actually simpler in that there's not even eye movement planning involved.

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Re: [MIX Workflow Visual Improvements] EQ/Dynamics/Etc.

Post by anyon » Wed Dec 16, 2015 10:51 am

I would love to have a mix view with all channel inserts visible at the same time, like in the above Logic example. Would help me with getting an overview of my mix processing and I would have a one click access to open/bypass any channels compressor/eq/effect.

And I don't really use first party synths/effects so I don't get the rewads of having all single channels interfaces visible at the same time.


Even Bitwig does it so it could fit the Ableton workflow as well. And I really don't want to move to another DAW for mixing duties of my own songs..

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