Better Macro Controls

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Better Macro Controls

Post by tummes » Mon Oct 13, 2014 1:26 pm

The current system seems unnecessarily limited...

You can only save plugin parameters when you create an instrument rack, even though you just want to be able to save that single plugin. Then you can only create chaotic list. No renaming, ordering or grouping of parameters into banks.

But there are still the 8 Macro Controls right? After mapping them to parameters they are set in stone. They completely ignore any changes that happen outside their 50 pixel radius. Which makes changing plugin presets not possible. The only scenario where this makes sense is when there are mapped multiple parameters.

But somehow magically if you have Push for example you can see all the parameters nicely on Ableton's own devices. With names and banks and all. But anything 3rd party is (intentionally?) ignored by not giving a chance to edit/create simple text.

I would really appreciate it if there was an option to be able to organize macro controls as midi controllers are a common thing for many years now.

btw. I know there is "Ubermap" somewhere here around. But this anything but user friendly. The reason I use Ableton is because I'd rather focus on music. Also it didn't work for me with all plugins.

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