New Device: Midi Looper like Audio Looper - tempo not requir

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New Device: Midi Looper like Audio Looper - tempo not requir

Post by dlwhite » Mon Nov 03, 2014 9:36 pm

I love recording new drum beats on the fly from a midi drum pad set or digital drum kit. It makes for a very fast workflow and captures new ideas without the need to set the tempo, turn on the click, record a midi clip, turn off the click. Instead, I can just sit down, play until a beat sounds good (one pad is mapped to Looper device Record/Play/Overdub), while playing, trigger the looper to record and end recording. Instant session tempo set (normally very good algo : if the beat is simple/strong and played reasonably in time with itself) and a beat is playing. No click required. easy to move on to the next instrument.

I'd LOVE to be able to do this same workflow, but record the midi notes instead, so that I could later assign different drum sounds.

I've even mapped my looper control to trigger more than one channel's looper - for instance, an acoustic kit and a drum machine kit) so I can have different sounds, but even then I'm limited to what was recorded and can't change "just the snare."

I've tried building one a few times in Max for Live, but never seem to be able to get it to work because everything "midi" wants a clock to be running first (and therefore requires playing to a click).

Thanks for listening.


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