Start at wave beginning for long files

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Start at wave beginning for long files

Post by Yeh » Tue Mar 17, 2015 4:25 pm

Hello Abletonians,

I work a lot with long (song)files and I'm not really pleased how autoworp handles them and 'detect' the beginning of a file.
1) Melodyne has a function "Set Bar 1 to Start of File", I think that would be very convenient in Live too... :)
2) A function "Delete all warp markers" (except 1) would be nice too

I'll explain why:

Maybe there's a better way, but I do it this way:
1)Load the file and delete all warpmarkers except the first.
2)Now I place the warpmarker/loopmarker etc at the beginning of the wavefile (Ableton never gets this right). Sometimes it's no real problem, but sometimes it is.
3) I select the first (and only) warpmarker and then fill in the tempo of the song in the clip editor. Most of the time I know the tempo.
4.) Then I place the loopmarker and the endmarker at the end of the song.

Do you agree, or do you have easier and better ways to handle long files?
Kind regardz,


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