Groove-Grid, Snap to Clips, Preview through Effects

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Groove-Grid, Snap to Clips, Preview through Effects

Post by steffensen » Wed Oct 07, 2015 11:47 am

I tend to work more and more directly in the Arrange, with audio clips and whats not.
Nothing warped, straight up audio.

I also like to use various groove's on whatever Midi i do.
Which leads to a problem -
I can't really snap my audio clips to the same groove/swing as within the Midi-clip, as the Grid is locked to straight beats.
(Audio quantize a audio-loop is great, but thats a completely other thing than this. Just to make that clear. :) )

I have a workaround for this right now, which is working for me, but it could be so much easier.

If there was a option for the clips to snap to eachother over the lanes in the Arrange, that would help.
Like, if i did a simple groove on one track, i could snap my second track's clips to the grooved clips above. (if that makes sense)

And also, if one could preview sounds though effects that would be really helpful at times. Like one can in Reaper.

PS. Bezier curves on Fades... etc etc. ;)

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