Drum Rack for MIDI & better browser

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Drum Rack for MIDI & better browser

Post by Shokol8 » Wed Oct 28, 2015 6:43 pm

well the best browser would be a kind of Native instrument browser where you can tag your presets as well (growly bass, guitar bass,house bass etc), but also be able to create your own folders, cos sometimes the category you are looking for are not there, there is always the workaround to create the existing folder category in you user library, to have your presets showing, but again not all category, sub category exist!

And this especially for max for live! I mean there is a lot of free device you can get, and they can't get all in the same category, for example I got my LFO, my sequencer, my CC mapper, my drums, my delay, my reverbs, my shufflers, my automation, enveloppe, glitch, the hardware tools and so on

After that, to have all most successful, or efficient max for live device integrated in live, in that way that it uses less CPU!

And the I would love a drum rack lookalike, but for midi, where you could configure a pad for midi note, chords , midi effects etc, and where the pad could toggled on/off, or gated, with pad one with no effect for example! And for the chord, you got a very good exemple like the chordpoly app made by Laurent Colton for ipad, I use with ableton, but somewhere in the process, I dunno why, it eats a lot of CPU, and get glitchy sometimes! Appart that it's an amazing device!
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