Set default note duration for Push melodic step sequencer

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Set default note duration for Push melodic step sequencer

Post by ObtuseMoose » Wed Nov 18, 2015 1:42 pm

In Push's melodic step sequencing mode, I can use the Scene/Grid buttons to set how many notes per measure I want. However, for each setting, new notes sustain for the full duration of their time slot in the measure. E.g. if I pick 4 notes per measure by hitting the 1/4 button, each note entered sustains for a full beat.

I would like to be able to set a default sustain time for each note that is independent of the grid setting. For example, if I have the 1/4 grid selected, I would like to be able to tell Live/Push that each note entered should only sustain for the time of a 1/16 note. If we were talking about a hardware step sequencer, I'd be wanting to change the gate time.

I know I can alter the length of individual notes by holding a pad and using an encoder, but this is tedious to do for every note in a sequence with many steps.

I could also use a finer grid setting and skip every N steps between notes, but this gets unwieldy for things like 1/32 notes on a 1/4 note grid.

As for a UI for this, perhaps holding shift + a scene/grid button could be used to set the default duration of notes. E.g. I want 4 notes per measure, so I enter melodic step sequencing mode and hit the 1/4 grid button. I want each note to be a 1/16 note, so I hold shift and hit the 1/16 grid button. Then I enter my notes as usual.

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