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Push 2 Mini/Mikro/Micro

Posted: Sun Feb 07, 2016 12:11 pm
by jeff cox
Hi Ableton,

Could you please make a micro version of the Push 2 - same width as the current one, just half the height and 32 buttons instead of the current 64 (main keyboard button), basically just cut the lower half off of the current model.

I had a Push 1 controller and found the rotary controls very useful but the rest of the functions not so much as it's more geared for using in session mode (I only use session mode as a mixer tbh) so I couldn't justify keeping it for just that so I sent it back after a month of trying to get used to it. I think if there was a smaller cheaper version of Push (like NI have done with machine) it would sell, as it would be more portable for people touring, mobile studios, people just starting out or just getting into Ableton Live and hobbit producers.

Thanks Jeff