feature wishlist for Ableton X

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feature wishlist for Ableton X

Post by produc3rboy » Thu Sep 01, 2016 12:39 am

Track names automatically updated based on audio sample file name.
pt1: A page/view/or place where you can put ideas down before working on arrangement on the timeline.
pt2: Sample pool, drag and drop files you are considering to use. then drop them in arrangement view as needed.

Plugin Image preview in browser.
Is it possible to have audio & MIDI on the same track like Bitwig?
Sandbox plugins to prevent crash.
proper Vocal comping feature.
a proper tape stop effect.
online collaboration/project sync.

Oh, and it would be cool to see the 3rd party vst Plugins automatically sort themselves. Separate Audio FX and Instruments. Under Audio FX, break that down into types, such as Dynamics, Delay, EQ, etc)

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