Add what iOS app: "Group The Loop" can do to Ableton 10

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Add what iOS app: "Group The Loop" can do to Ableton 10

Post by nonchai » Mon Nov 28, 2016 9:55 pm

Group The Loop is a recent looper app for iOS which does things no other hardware or software looper can do.

It does conventional overdub looping- has 4 tracks of loops that can play simultaneously - but then also has "groups"
kind of like song-sections - which you can label verse chorus bridge etc. It also has a master group ideal for percussion and drum loops intended to run regardless of which of the main groups are playing. Ie over verse, chorus or bridge.

Would be great to have a mode in Ableton 10+ for this kind of operation. Ableton has a single track looper and one can get advanced looping via Max4Live but nothing so easy as
Group The Loop. In some ways GTL is a kind of crossover between conventional loopers ( Boomerang , Loopy HD ) and Ableton.

See here

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