Master/Slave Redundant Sessions

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Master/Slave Redundant Sessions

Post by armio » Sun Mar 19, 2017 6:05 pm

I am working as a playback engineer for a high profile artist. I built a redundant system using two Macbook Pros (2016) running the exact same Live file with custom m4l devices for syncing through network(MIDI Timecode/Clock don't work since they both stop working at some point after 1000 bars).

Here are some features that would make my life easier.

1. Master/Slave functionality in which every change on the Master session is reflected on the Slave session. (edits, tempo changes, automation edits, mixer adjustments, etc.)
The artist I work for usually requests changes with little time before the show starts. Every change that I make forces me to save the session on the master computer, then copy the file to the slave computer and set up my m4l sync devices.

2. Reliable song position sync. MIDI Sync is too unreliable and Link does not use song position.

3. Cue point list view. There are some m4l devices that bring this feature to Live but they're not as robust as I'd like them to be.

4. Video options. Some simple projection mapping tools would be great.
Crop, Position, Blending modes. Multiple video channels.

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