Tablet/iPad/Android - native Live control surface support ?!

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Tablet/iPad/Android - native Live control surface support ?!

Post by alec.tron » Fri Nov 03, 2017 11:53 pm

while at it, I might post this as well as this has been in the back of my head for yonks and a constant source for frustration with available solutions... and seeing how great the concept is (just look at Slate/Raven's success over the last years... people really want this imo...! And what better solution than readily available tablets to build a multi screen touch surfaces from/with in a modular fashion):
- having 1 or multiple touch screen control surfaces with a bi-directional communcation format to allow changing on-touchscreen context via device selection in Live or touch device being locked to a given Live device when wanted
- but seeing how clunky & fragile Lemur setup is, and Liine's support proving to be rather unresponsive to problems with Lemur app itself and their Daemon (especially on Windows...) these days unfortunately
- as well as all Live control surface solutions (TouchAble3, PULL, LiveControl, Conductr, etc) all having more or less serious issues for me (ymmv)

I would love a native solution from Ableton to set up a touch screen device to interact with devices in Live/M4L, i.e. android/iOS tablets, to work as a control surface hand-in-hand with Ableton natively as well as to compliment Push.
I just love to be able to tweak some parameters on Push's knobs, whereas others are much more intuitive/flexible/fast to access on a touch screen, but as is, this has too many hurdles and breaking/frustration points with 3rd party solutions... and as the existing ones age, this also does not improve the experience unfortunately (that is more an issue with the 3rd party devices though, and these are just not generating enough income for the developers to sustain it as a full time job... or so my interpretation of the situation...).
If this is considered... Ableton would also need to add some sort of editor & template system similar to Lemur, so people could customize/build their own and exchange them with others... so not a trivial feature reque4st unfortunately... but I'd think it's worth it ;)


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