My Wishlist!

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My Wishlist!

Post by solovox » Tue Jan 14, 2003 9:12 pm

1. As others have hoped: The loop start marker should be able to be put BEFORE the loop points. That way, when you start a clip, you hear the beginning of the file, but then only a portion of it actually loops indefinitely. This would be rad.

2. The MASTER bus should truly be the MASTER...NOT 1 & 2. That way, if you put an AUTO FILTER on the MASTER, it would affect ALL the clips, not just the ones routed to 1 & 2. I the only one asking for this??!

3. MIDI-controlled SCREEN SHOTS. You should be able to call up the EFX view, or the CLIP View, or the SESSION view, etc, with the touch of a button...not having to grab the mouse. This should be simple, right?

I have more hopes, but these are the most pressing for now. That, and figuring out how to make one-shot clips work right in 2.0. Any help, people?


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