Drum racks to trigger clips from session view

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Drum racks to trigger clips from session view

Post by Loopscious » Sun Jan 28, 2018 5:57 pm

It would be incredible if instead of dropping samples into slots of a drum rack, you could assign clips / clip positions into the slots of the drum rack.

Simple use case example
DJ Set in Ableton, using 2 songs - A and B
4 tracks in session view
track 1: audio clips for drum rack
track 2: left turntable
track 3: right turntable
track 4: drum rack + midi clips

For each song I'd make 4-8 clips with the song's audio in some consistent manner where, using it's own sounds,
clips 1-4: kick, snare, hat, claps / perc
clips 5-8: vocal hook, break, build etc.

Then use the drum rack track to create midi files triggering the clip slots

For the 4-8 clips on Track 1, I'd select all and drop into my project via file browser to save as a mini-project file. I would do these chops for every song in my set and could then freely drop the "mini project" file into my DJ Set project in realtime, thus changing up the samples that the drum rack can trigger. The drum rack would be triggering clip positions, thus allowing me to drop new clips over those positions and have the drum rack now trigger the new clips.

Right now there's a workaround for this that's incredibly tedious: You can use Mr. Bill's template for Chain Selector and swap the simpler devices on each of the chains for a drum rack, and in every single drum rack you have to load the samples from each song respectively (1 drum rack for 1 song)... and then use the regex / code on the full song clip name to dynamically pick the chain with the correct drum rack related to it. As you can imagine this is way way time consuming.

The main concept I am proposing is to use 1 drum rack but be able to dynamically change the sounds it's triggering. It's kind of like using it to "sequence follow actions" almost but not quite...

Hope this makes sense!
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