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For MIDI events in M4L - include metadata from the clip

Posted: Thu Feb 22, 2018 2:42 pm
by nonchai
A feature request regarding Ableton 10 and the close integration of Max4Live: with regard to Ableton 10 and Max4 Live being integrated into the Ableton engine - It would be very useful if now - whenever MIDI data is received into M4L - that metadata indicating the exact clip and clip note-position any MIDI note originates from. Currently if one wants to know which note in a clip being played a MIDI event encountered in M4L comes from - one has to go through a complex and imprecise fudge-type algorithm involving note timings. I would like to make an M4L patch which does a sophisticated type of note-reharmonisation algorithm which depends closely on which exact note in a clip is being played - so for example if there are two notes with the same pitch in a melodic clip it isn't necessarily he case that my reharmonisation algorithm will harmonise both notes in the same way when encountered. But after a long try i gave up because all algorithmic attempts in M4L to "guess" which exact note in a clip a MIDI event belonged to failed.
If Ableton were to redesign the way M4L reports MIDI events to include - where applicable metadata for the originating note in the clip - a link directly to the clip etc - it would make life a lot simpler.