Improve Live-PerformanceLooping of built-in looper & SESSION

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Improve Live-PerformanceLooping of built-in looper & SESSION

Post by nonchai » Mon Mar 12, 2018 2:52 pm

Which product is your suggestion relevant to?
Ableton Live
Currently the looper type functionality in Ableton is not ideal for live loopers -

Yes there is a single track looper effect. But this really could do with being turned into a multi-track looper effect - say with 4 tracks.

In addition with this - the addition of song sections like the iOS app GroupTheLoop has would be really useful. I'd recommend the Ableton developers check out Group The Loop.

Finally - with some more work - the SESSION page itself and CLIP recording could be much much more amenable to live multi-track looping - both for audio and MIDI - and really it should be improved so that the looper effect becomes redundant.

What do i mean by this ? Well currently if - say I want to record one guitar loop and then another I have to first create several audio tracks - and then either record-enable ALL of them in advance ( only one is enabled by default ) and then switch tracks each time i want to record a loop on a different track in order that the two guitar clips play at the same time.

Instead - maybe a special form of track-group is needed where such a thing can be made easier. Now there ARE several Max4Live presets available - some commercially -which basically achieve a little of this by placing a looper effect on seperate tracks and then controlling playback and record via MAX. But this is really non-ideal. And Also - again it doest use the SESSION clip methods itself which seems backwards.

Ableton already has CLIPS and looping functionality of a kind in SESSION - all it really needs is a bit more thought put into how - say Ed Sheehan could , Jacob Collier, BeardyMand and Elise Trouw could do EVERYTHING in Ableton - with no need for kludges, the Looper effect, Max or anything else.

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