SESSION: Grouped track mode where only one clip ever plays

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SESSION: Grouped track mode where only one clip ever plays

Post by nonchai » Sat Mar 31, 2018 5:08 pm

Add an option for grouped tracks where only ONE clip on any track inside the group can play at any one time. As soon as a clip is launched on any track other than the track where a clip is currently playing the current clip playing is stopped as soon as the launched clip begins to play.

This would be extremely useful for drum audio loops or midi clips.. For example one might want to try out ( or use ) drum loop collections from different styles or vendors but be assured that at any one time only ONE of the loops or MIDI clips ever plays at the same time.

For example on might have intro, vamp, fill and outro loops from 3rd pty library A in grouped track 1 while loops from library B are placed into grouped track 2. I could then try out any of these clips across any of these tracks without having to stop the last launched clip.

Another way of thinking of this would be to think of how only one clip in a single track can ever play at any one time - but now extend this concept into a kind of grid.

Here is the Centrecode entry for this FR: ... e26db23%7D

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