A Few Easy (but effective) Improvements For EQ 8

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A Few Easy (but effective) Improvements For EQ 8

Post by fingerlelucky9 » Tue Jun 05, 2018 8:09 am

First of all, it'd be nice if you could put the "oversampling" feature as a check box on the device instead of the right click drop menu

Next, I would really like to see the same "peak holds" feature as an option on the frequency display in the EQ 8 that is an option in the Spectrum Analyzer (i'm not sure if that feature is already available, if it is, then maybe make it more accessible because I can't find it.)

I have an idea based on the above peak hold feature. If you could create a second peak hold feature (to work along side the first one) that has a little "push and hold to record" button that basically triggers a second peak hold line (of a different color) while the button is held down. It's purpose will be that it will only collect and freeze the frequency peaks that pass through the EQ 8 during that time. When you let the button go, it stops collecting peak data, but still shows the collected peaks. This would allow us to compare the peaks of different segments of the same tracks, groups, or master to see if they are the same or different. I think the peak hold feature (as a whole) should be super easy to add since it's already available on the audio effect (Spectrum), and I don't think the second peak hold feature would much more difficult than the first. I think this will help the native equalizer to stand out as unique since you would then be able to see what frequencies need to be subtracted (or added) and it would really help people during the mixing and mastering process.

Another idea I have that I hope would be easy to create (because again, you've kind of already created things similar to it) is to create a sidechain option for the EQ-8 that will sidechain the EQ-8 filter dots to another EQ-8's filter dots with the same corresponding numbers (i.e.: 1-8).

Basically you will be able to have two different EQ-8s on separate tracks that will communicate with one another. When the feature is activated: One will become the master "sidechained" EQ8 and the other would become the slave EQ8 sidechain. The master EQ8 would have it's audio filtering capabilities become deactivated and instead it's filter dots would become adjustable max threshold indicators. Anytime a peak approaches or exceeds a single filter dot's threshold, it will begin to turn down the slaved EQ8's sidechained filter dot with the same corresponding number and in the same location (i.e.: Threshold 1 at 1Khz on master would turn down filter dot 1 at 1Khz on slave when exceeded). You already have a similar feature on the compressors with sidechaining capabilities such as compressor, multi-band and gate, it's even called "EQ", I just think that adding it to the EQ would be a really cool feature for the native EQ8 to have.

These are just two ideas I came up with while in the process of mastering a song, and felt that both would really come in handy right now. It'd save me time analyzing with 3rd party plug-ins, and I wouldn't have to automate filter dots as often.

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