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New Ableton AI devices (Project Assistant and Accompanist)

Posted: Sat Jun 09, 2018 7:39 pm
by Revshark
Hello, Ableton! Thank you for all your wonderful products! I would like to share with you a small idea and useful improvement that I would like to see in future versions of the program.
I think now is the right time to introduce more and more artificial intelligence into Live, and I would like to have a device, let's call it for example Ableton Archangel, which could study my behavior in the program and create, for example, templates based on my preferences.
Also, with the help of a special function of track-analysis, it would be possible to obtain various solutions for the development of chord progressions, melody, variations in sound design and beats. You can create a separate gigantic library of popular melodies, chords sequences, beats, not exact copies, but machine interpretation of them , so that you can quote the great masters in your tracks or their great ideas in a new ways.
It would also be great if this device would help with mixing and mastering, indicated the miscalculations in the mix balance, frequency conflicts, provided various options for improving the final track.
Another interesting device in this field for me is the Artificial Accompanist.
It's an easy-to-train virtual musician, with whom you can improvise and jam together, i.e. this is the perfect member of a music band that does not stand in the way of your ideas, but helps them to reveal themselves in full force.
In the future, this can have a revolutionary shift in the field of musical culture,
and we will be able to observe new wonderful man-machine bands.
I hope my thoughts will push you to new revolutionary devices in the world of Ableton. Thanks!