Use last functional audio config when Live starts

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Use last functional audio config when Live starts

Post by gizzardgullet » Tue Aug 21, 2018 1:54 pm

If audio is disabled when Live closes, use last functional audio config when Live next starts instead of starting with disabled audio.

If I (accidentally) power down my audio interface before I close Ableton, then the audio obviously loses connection. Ableton disables the audio driver.

But then the next time I (and when I say "I", I believe I mean everyone) load Live, I get the message "audio is disabled, looks like you're going to need to go into preferences, pick a driver and re-enable all of your inputs and outputs before you can record that idea you just came up with and are trying not to forget".

I'm not sure if re-enabling all of the inputs and outputs is a universal thing after audio is disabled or if it's just because I'm using an asio4all type driver. But it's pretty frustrating.

Solution: if Live detects it has lost its connection to the audio interface, it should save the audio driver and input / output config before it disables everything. Then, when Live loads, Live should attempt to reestablish that last saved config.

I suppose there should also be a way to manually turn off audio and prevent Live from trying reestablish at load. Like right now for devices there is a list of devices and "No Device". Maybe add another device named "Disconnected". When audio gets disconnected, instead of Live switching to audio device = "No Device", it switches to "Disconnected" and that prompts it to retry the last, functional settings on load. If the user him/herself switches to "No Device", then Live does not attempt to reestablish the last, functional settings.

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