Comping and Mixing-View

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Comping and Mixing-View

Post by detonat » Thu Aug 23, 2018 9:05 am

These are the 2 features that are missing in Ableton Live compared to other DAWs (IMHO):

Comping: Has anybody tried to record live drums with 10 mics in Ableton? I did, and it was a huge pain in the ass! I know, Live is not made to record drums, but being able to comp at least one track of vocals or guitar, and loop-record it to different layers would be very handy!

Mixing-View: We have clip-view, and we have arranger-view, lets add a mixing-view! It could look almost exactly as clip-view, but instead of showing clips, it shows all the inserted plugins (just like in almost every other DAW)! This way you would have an overview of all effects you are using, and you could activate/deactivate only the first plugin on every track simultaniously, for example: if you have a tape-emulation on every track and want to turn it on and off on all tracks, to hear the differnce...

I love Ableton Live, but when it comes to comping and mixing I switch to Studio One, because in Live its way too cumbersome. Please Ableton fix this, I dont wanna switch DAWs all the time, I wanna stay in Live!!!

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Re: Comping and Mixing-View

Post by mountwest » Wed Sep 05, 2018 9:01 pm

As I work professionally with recording artists, and mainly vocals, I really miss being able to perform comping inside of Ableton since I use it all the time. Having to create new audio channels, just to record several takes of one instrument, is such a waste of space and cpu.

I would really like to see it in the next update.

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