Right click control of 'File> Open Recent Set' entries

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Right click control of 'File> Open Recent Set' entries

Post by stefan.o » Sun Sep 02, 2018 11:38 am

I use the Open Recent Set feature (under the File heading) very frequently. However, if I've been searching through old Live Sets, say looking for something I worked on a while back, I often end up with a Recent Set list full of sets that were only opened speculatively and are often not my continuing focus. Sets that I was interested in can be pushed off the list.

Feature request: allow a right click on a set within the Open Recent Set list and the following options for that set: (1) favourite (2) not favourite (3) remove from list.

(1) would place an asterisk next to the set name and keep it on the list.
(2) (only available for sets that were favourites) would return a set to its ordinary status within the list, i.e. it could be displaced from the list as further sets were opened (the asterisk would be removed).
(3) the set would not appear in the list until reopened.

That way a user could explore previous sets while maintaining a recent set list of relevance.

It would also be useful to have a 'Clear Open Recent Sets list' option, with a separate 'Are you sure?' dialogue. You could then completely reset the list.



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