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Deactivate group tracks for controllers

Posted: Tue Sep 04, 2018 10:01 pm
by JuSchu
Group tracks can trigger the clips of the containing tracks like a "sub scene" while not containing any clips themselves.
In some situations, this can be useful but in other situation (let's say you only use them to make a sub-mix) they only unnecessarily take up a whole column on controllers like Push, APC or Launchpad. Of course, you could just use Live's routing to make a sub-mix, but then group tracks are losing one of their biggest purpose which is making a sub-mix.
So you should be able to right-click group tracks and select "hide on controllers". This counts just for individual group tracks and not globally.
Technically this would mean that this specific group track would be excluded from the list of tracks in the Live API. Both in the Python API for control surfaces and in Max For Live.
It would make sense to visualize that change in the "red rectangle". For example, the line could be dashed over the group track